NY Gov. Cuomo Signs Bill To Quell ‘Speculative Selling’ Of Secondary Tickets

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ALBANY, N.Y. (CelebrityAccess) New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill July 1 requiring secondary ticketing companies to post clear warnings if they are selling tickets they do not physically possess.

The law cracks down on “speculative selling,” a practice common ahead of major events like the Super Bowl. Some secondary ticketing companies, notably StubHub, already ban the practice, according to the Democrat & Chronicle. StubHub praised the bill when it was passed in June. Cuomo’s signature also extends a number of ticket-selling rules that were sent to expire last Saturday.

“We are proud to have worked closely with the New York Legislature on a legislative package that extends this important statute for another three years and takes comprehensive steps to protect New York fans and ensure they benefit from having choice in a free and open ticket market,” a StubHub spokesman said in a statement.

Sen. Terrence Murphy, a Yorktown Republican who sponsored the measure in the New York Senate, added, “This law provides consumers with the confidence and peace of mind that when they are purchasing tickets to see a Broadway show, a ballgame, or a musical performance, they will not be scammed.”

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