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Op-Ed: CMA Foundation Kerfuffle

Op-Ed: CMA Foundation Kerfuffle

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“Mike Huckabee Resigns From CMA Foundation Board Following Outcry in Nashville”

If only the Grammys reacted this swiftly to the abomination of their awards show, with the secret committee refusing to nominate the past year’s most successful act, Ed Sheeran and voters refusing to acknowledge hip-hop in the big categories and Neil Portnow’s dis of women.

In a single day, the CMA Foundation backed down.

Illustrating the power of protest in 2018. Illustrating that in many ways Nashville is hipper, more au courant, more in touch with the country than Hollywood.

That’s right, country music is seen as backward, with red-leaning fans. But instantly, the bigwigs of Music City, with everything to lose, stood up to the appointment of Mike Huckabee to the CMA Foundation board.


Isn’t this the same guy the right lauds? Who is all over Fox News? Whose daughter is the spokesperson for the President?

This is astounding, from beginning to end.

What we’re seeing here is a silent majority, left-leaning citizens, who are sick and tired of their country being hijacked by right wing fanatics inured to money and power. Used to be no one was paying attention, people thought they could have no impact, but since #MeToo and Parkland the game has been changed. The downtrodden feel power.

Meanwhile, those in power are CLUELESS!

Donald Trump ain’t gonna serve out his term.

Want edification?

Watch the Netflix show:

“Dirty Money” Episode 6 “The Confidence Man”

In it you’ll find the financial trail. After the debacle in Atlantic City, Trump couldn’t raise a dollar from a traditional bank. So he got in bed with nogoodniks, people with shady backgrounds, Russians. Forget Putin’s interference in the election process, turns out Trump has so many skeletons in his closet he could form the Crypt Kicker Five. And when this becomes the main debate, and it will, he’s gonna cave, say he’s sick of the blowback and resign or Republican Congresspeople will say he has to go, that’s how it happened with Nixon.

And who is leading the charge?


Primarily traditional newspapers like the “New York Times” and the “Washington Post,” denigrated by the right wing, ignored by so many, but their stories are defining the dialogue, it’d be like being a hip-hop hater in today’s society, you are the fringe element, not everybody else.

The wheels of justice move slowly. The wheels of D.C. even slower than that.

But in the past two weeks everything is moving ever more quickly.

And it’s all coming from the bottom up instead of the top down.

The CMA Foundation saw it as coup. Right wing politico with a background in music education…

It’s like hiring a rich and powerful abuser. Homey don’t play that no more.

So, you had a backroom appointment that the relatively unknown board thought would pass without scrutiny.

But those days are through.

But at least give the CMA Foundation kudos for backing down.

And I don’t want to hear it’s a witch hunt, and I don’t want to hear it’s McCarthyism, let’s just call it a CORRECTION! Akin to equal rights. Then again, those have been chipped away under the rubric of the whites being penalized. But last I checked we lived in a society, made up of all ethnicities and colors. And the truth, as that comedian once said, we’ve all got an LGBTQ member of our family, sometimes we don’t even know it, but they’re there, and they’re in our schools and our government and they cannot be penalized.

No, you do not have the right to buy an assault rifle at a young age and go shooting willy-nilly. Just like you don’t have the right to get in your car and start smashing into people. But at least you need a license to get behind the wheel.

But the truth here is there’s a moving of the needle.

People are no longer afraid to speak their truth.

That’s what’s great about America, that freedom.

Used to be people were afraid of consequences. But no longer.

And they’re standing up for what the majority believe in. Forget finance, forget government, I’m talking the rank and file, you and me. Sure, some are Trump supporters, some want AR-15s, some love Huckabee…BUT MOST DON’T!

So now music organizations will think twice before backroom dealings that penalize members.

And for one small moment, music is leading again.

Now all we need is one of the acts these protesters manage to take what has heretofore been seen as an uncomfortable, unpopular stand that might hurt their brand but is really truth that most people resonate with.

That’s right, too many acts have played it safe.

But now it’s time for music to catch up. Women and children are leading. WHERE ARE THEIR ANTHEMS?

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