Facebook's Struggles Are Good For Musicians, Marketers

Facebook’s Struggles Are Good For Musicians, Marketers

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MENLO PARK, CA (Hypebot) — Facebook’s troubles are front page news. Data from 87 million users was compromised, #deletefacebook has been trending on Twitter on and off for days and  Congress is considering regulations after hours of continuous hearings. But all this bad news for Facebook may be good news for musicians and music marketers.


How can Facebook’s troubles be good news for musicians and music marketers?

1) Despite all of the bad news, Facebook is not going anywhere.  It’s become too woven into the fabric of daily life to disappear anytime soon.

2) Social media is being forced to take the trust we place them seriously, and is,  for the first time not just addressing how data is shared but also, fake news and what a trusted source is.

3) As Facebook, other social media sites and users themselves put greater value in trusted sources, musicians and labels that communicate in a straightforward and honest manner will be front an center once again, replacing the trolls, bots, and spammers that users and the social channels themselves are done with.

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