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Why Humor Plays An Important Role For Keynote Speakers

Why Humor Plays An Important Role For Keynote Speakers

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If you think of it, keynote speakers are quite similar to teachers. They have a limited time frame to deliver information, and in this respect, they have to employ various strategies for knowledge acquisition.

While strategies can be applied by roughly any speaker or teacher, there’s something else which makes the difference between the average and the successful ones: personality.

As soon as an educator or performer creates an impression by their mere presence, they already lay a foundation for a more in-depth and more involved learning process.

One way of infusing a keynote presentation with more personality is adding just the right amount of humor.

However, this is an excellent balance to achieve and a difficult skill to perfect. Some have managed to find the perfect formula, so we would like to showcase 3 of these accomplished speakers in this article.

Jane Jenkins Herlong

Jane is one of the keynote speakers who are renowned for successfully blending several skills into her presentations: humor and singing skills accompany the consistent talks on personal growth and achieving a good work-life balance.

Her arresting stage presence and quality content have already been rewarded with a Certified Speaker Professional certification, as well as with a well-deserved induction into the Speakers Hall of Fame.

Author and singer-songwriter, Jane can be considered a master of public speaking and entertainment and her achievements are even more impressive once you learn she has had dyslexia. Not only did she manage to overcome it, but she also used this condition to develop her sense of humor and a positive mindset.

You can immediately notice the self-deprecating humor in the title of her presentations (“Don’t Throw Tomatoes at My Field of Dreams,” “Find the Funny in Dysfunction,” “Bury Me with My Pearls”).

Dave Caperton

Professional keynote speakers usually have a solid background in the corporate coaching industry. With his 20+ years of experience in coaching, consultancy, and speaking, Dave Caperton has managed, however, to get himself noticed with a specific style of educating audiences.

More precisely, he teaches people how to achieve a positive mindset through laughter and how this completes the full circle of achieving peak performance.

David Glickman

David is a master at bringing comic relief to any events he gets invited to.

With 31 years in the public speaking industry, David has learned knowledge is best conveyed in a laidback atmosphere, using any instrument to make it also memorable.

For instance, he is using his singing skills. However, underneath all the fun and laughs, David’s keynote speeches are thoroughly researched and attentively customized for each company he works with.