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Why You Should Hire A Speaker For Your Team

Why You Should Hire A Speaker For Your Team

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What Does Your Team Need?

Do you feel like there’s something missing from your team? Maybe it’s motivation or maybe it’s self-awareness. Honestly, there are countless things that could make your team feel just a little bit off. Whether it’s a negative environment or a self-centered mindset, there is one simple way to fix this….hire a speaker! Okay, before you get all confused and such, let me explain myself. You see, as humans, we will obviously have human-like tendencies, and what that means is that everyone, no matter who they are, will eventually fall into this pit of mediocrity. However, the key is to learn how to march yourself out of this unproductive rut and switch the gears in your car of productivity in order to better merge onto the highway of success. It may be hard to pinpoint exactly what is off, however, so for that we have broken it down into 4 simple topics: Encouragement, Learning from Others, Not Being Alone in the World, and Perspective. So without further ado…allow us to help you and your team merge successfully onto the interstate of life. After all…life is a highway, isn’t it?


We’ve all been there, down in the proverbial dumps. Sad, lonely, and altogether just done with everything. But we do all have that one friend. You know, the one that’s always willing to do whatever it takes to get you back on track again? From coming to your house at 3 am with cake and ice cream to slapping you on the head with a newspaper and telling yourself to pull yourself together, they’re always there. While we ran out of ice cream and cake a while ago, and we certainly don’t want to hit you, we have the perfect motivation for you…a speaker! After one of their talks, you’ll be sure to be driving successfully, or at least feel like it. But honestly, sometimes it’s half encouragement and half caffeine. However, if you’re lucky, the encouragement from one speaker might double as caffeine for your team as well. You never know until you try.

Hire a Speaker and Learn From Other’s Stories

Who has taught you the most about life? Was it your grandmother whom you remember baking cookies with? Or perhaps it was your friend who struggled with addiction, but chose to take the road to recovery and became the most amazing person you ever knew? However, maybe it was your teacher who taught you nothing is impossible? Whoever it may be, the fact still stands, humans learn from other humans. And what better way to bring your team together than by hiring someone they can all learn something from. No longer will there be a self-centered mindset, but instead a whole new lightswitch will go off. One that is even better than your “old” team. By introducing another human’s stories to your corporation, you will begin to see a whole new energy at work, one that will always merge you successfully on the road to success.  What better way to do this than to hire a speaker to inspire your employees?


You Are Not Alone in the World

When was the last time you did something good for someone else wanting nothing in return? How did it make you feel? Okay, no, I’m not going to go into a whole speech about how you should be helping humanity as is your duty to society. Nor will I mention how good it makes you feel when someone else is feeling good too. And I certainly won’t tell you that maybe the reason those who give what they can to a cause always feel a sense of empowerment which will transfer into their daily life and ultimately lead to their success. But I will say this: hearing things from other people and remembering that you are not alone in the world is a good reminder that none of us have long to live on this Earth…succeed in whatever you want to do, but always remember to be good to others. Because in the end, the money will be gone, but your character will remain. That is the most lasting legacy you could ever have.


I once read that in order to change your reality, you must shift your paradigm. That is to say that if things aren’t working out for you, a change of perspective is in order. The same goes for life. As Albert Einstien once said, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” With this logic, it would only make sense that if something isn’t working with your team, something needs to change. However, this change is not always easy to spot. Sometimes it takes someone from the outside of the world you and your team seem to live in to spot what needs to be changed. However, it’s not always easy to find these kinds of people to give their input, but there’s a simple hack that can help with this. Do you want to know what it is? You! You know your team better than anybody, maybe you just need to shift your paradigm and see your corporation in a different light. While if you hire a speaker that cannot do that for you, they can give their life story, creating an all-new lens for you to view what needs to be changed. After all, only you can change your future (that includes your team’s as well). Today is the day for you to show initiative and take action, one perspective shift at a time.

So Know This…

The days may be long and dreary today, and honestly, maybe the next week or even month, but remember this: nothing is ever so bad that you can’t smile and power through the day. Sometimes all it takes is to hire a speaker to remind you and your team to shift your paradigm, take action, and merge onto the highway of success. And in the end, you will start to see a difference, maybe not immediately, but you will see the difference.

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