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Why Funny Speakers Should Be An Option For Your Event

Why Funny Speakers Should Be An Option For Your Event

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You know how when you are laughing with someone you barely know, you instantly feel connected to them? Shared laughter is so powerful it is critical to an event’s success because it can instantly create a connection between your guests, even when they do not know each other.

Funny speakers are recommended for any type of events you are organizing, whether you want your guests to learn something new while they are being entertained or you want them to leave your event feeling energized.

A funny speaker does not tell jokes all the time. It means they will know when to add humor to their presentation and infuse the event with a laid-back speech.

Here’s why we recommend booking funny speakers for any event.

Form a Stronger Connection with the Audience

The majority of hilarious speakers have a unique way of telling stories and getting their message across because they do not refrain from the failures and setbacks they have experienced throughout their career.

Also, this is something most of us can relate to. Telling stories about failures in a humorous way is one of the most effective methods to connect with audiences because it sends a powerful message: if they overcome those failures it, then I can do it, too.

Also, chances are some of us will see ourselves in the stories the speaker mentions because they will try to talk about common situations people go through every day.

People Remember Funny Messages Longer

Not all of us are amazing at remembering many jokes, but laughter is connected to learning because it boosts retention.

Many studies have been made to prove this fact and here’s just one example. This poll showed viewers who watched a funny show such as The Daily Show remembered way more news facts than those who only read the newspaper.

So whatever message your speaker is trying to get across, they will be more successful and memorable at doing so if they add humor to the mix.

This is especially important if they add humor to the beginning of the speech, as well. The speaker will be able to captivate the audience’s interest right from the very start, and so your guests will be hooked instantly and eager for the rest of their speech.

Humor Boosts Positivity

Humor stimulates the brain’s reward system which in return releases dopamine, and it makes us feel good.

This means your audience will feel positive throughout the entire event and afterward, as well. The point of the entire event is to make your guests feel as good as possible, even if it is more formal and not exactly entertainment-focused.

Funny Speakers Have Their Special Place in People’s Hearts

Funny speakers represent an important asset for your events. They keep your guests entertained, energized, excited about their talk and increase the overall buzz about the event.

After all, who would not want to tell other people about the funny stories they have heard from a professional speaker?

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