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Outside-the-box Fundraising Ideas for Non profit Organizations

Outside-the-box Fundraising Ideas for Non profit Organizations

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Planning an event that will bring more people and more money to the organization is something all Non profit Organizations want to achieve.

Holding a fundraiser event is a great way to get donors to support a chosen cause, but you have to look at it as an equal exchange. If you expect people to donate money to your event, you have to be willing to give them a great experience in return.

And that sometimes means doing something different than just hosting a usual black tie dinner party. A creative idea will get donors excited and generate more revenue.

These out-of-the-box ideas are perfect if you want to plan an event that everyone will love and remember.

  1. Invite donors to your house. Your haunted house, that is

It’s true that Non profit Organizations usually have a limited budget, but creativity goes a long way when it comes to decorating a room to make it look haunted. Creating the right mood is far more important than having all kinds of props that could drain your budget.

This is a great idea for a fundraising event, especially around Halloween, but it can be used all year round. Donors will have a lot of fun dressing up and remembering the fun of trick-or-treating as children.

Also, they will love taking pictures of your haunted house which means your event will probably get plenty of exposure on social media. This can help you attract new donors and raise awareness for your chosen cause.

  1. Go all-out with a superhero-themed event

Capes, masks and a cause worth fighting for and donating to. These are all ingredients that make for a successful fundraising event. Also, this is a brilliant idea through which Non profit organizations can make their donors feel like superheroes for a night.

There are so many things you can do using this superhero theme. You can have a costume contest and charge an entrance fee or have cocktails named after certain comic book heroes. Everybody will have the time of their lives and this will ultimately help you raise more funds.


  1. Karaoke night – Sing for charity!

Everybody loves karaoke and you can definitely use that to your advantage the next time you host a fundraising event. A good option to reduce expenses would be to rent a karaoke machine from a local DJ. Just make sure you pick out a playlist that you think would please your target audience. Also, the light in the room shouldn’t be too bright.

One of the problems you might encounter is that some of your donors could be shy about singing in front of other people. A great way to fix this is by having a professional entertainer on board to loosen up the mood.

Non profit organizations need quality entertainment to match their creative ideas

Unconventional fundraising events can’t go wrong when you also include a quality show. The right entertainer can make all the difference and really boost everyone’s morale at a fundraising event.

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