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Brand Awareness for Entertainment Professionals

Brand Awareness for Entertainment Professionals

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Creating Brand Awareness

With the evolution of promotion, marketing and entertainment are no longer divided. Digital marketing and advertising can directly spread messages to a wide range of audiences who are looking to be surprised, engaged, and entertained.

It all starts with getting your brand out there. DIGITTOAccess has tailor-made marketing campaigns based on the needs of every client or business. No matter what faucet of the entertainment industry – a record label, venue promoter, talent agency – brand awareness is a must, and it must be done using organic processes. Marketing development is more than a social media post or blog addition.

Talent Buyers / Tour Promoters

If you want to book an event at a large venue and work with big artists, you will need to let the world see your work and leverage data online. You can increase your following and engage with fans and previous ticket buyers by creating local groups on social media. One way to accomplish this is to organize groups by city and keeping your audience up to date. Will your groups include agents? Or will your group include fans? Maybe a bit of both? As your social channels mature, you will learn more from your audience in their towns. This will help you book bands that will appeal to that market too. Social campaigns can be planned for celebrity sourcing as well. When your services are known, both upcoming and established celebrities will have access to you, even their agents.

Talent Managers / Talent Agencies

As a talent manager or agency, you need to be well-connected and maintain the image of being well-connected. CelebrityAccess can help you connect with the people who matter so you can increase or improve your talent. There are various online marketing strategies like content marketing that will help you appeal to many. Agencies that handle various talent managers can benefit from DIGITTOAccess as well. Entertainers prefer agencies that have an intelligent marketing arm.

Venue Owners

For owners of entertainment venues, it’s very important to reach the right people. You should be establishing direct traffic to your establishment through various digital marketing and re-marketing methods and you can be seen by talent buyers, managers, and tour promoters.


DIGITTOAccess can be helpful for publicists in a number of ways, especially if they’re looking for a wider influence and to protect their clients. Developing content marketing skills, outreach and new relationships is important for publicists in 2019. Digital marketing services are not solely geared towards sales. They can also function to boost ones image in the entertainment industry. This is what call Online Reputation Management or ORM. This is a marketing solutions used to dilute negative reviews and publicity, but an ORM campaign can also help with positive publicity for upcoming artists and maintain positive images for existing stars.

Marketing Is Not One Size Fits All

There are different preferences, different styles, and different tastes in the entertainment industry and with that are online solutions that should be leveraged. It is important to send the right message and make a good impression. Those who stick with marketing the longest are those who benefit the most. As you grow and build your reputation, you’ll also earn the respect of those in the industry.


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