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Does Instagram Pay Music Royalties? [Spoiler Alert: YES]

Does Instagram Pay Music Royalties? [Spoiler Alert: YES]

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(Hypebot) — You collect royalties on TikTok, YouTube, Spotify and the like, but are you collecting your royalties from Instagram too? Whether you aren’t sure or just want to learn more, here’s how to do it…

A guest post by Randi Zimmerman of Symphonic Blog.

Does Instagram pay music royalties?

Let’s break it down…

No matter where your music is featured on Instagram, you can earn royalties. Even if it’s just playing in the background, you’re making money. With the rise of optimized video content across all platforms, it’s important that you’re collecting everything you’re owed wherever you can.

Instagram, included!

How does it work?

Our partnership with Meta (Facebook, Instagram and others) works similarly to our partnership with YouTube. We upload content into Facebook’s Rights Manager to scan anyone using the content. Iterations of your content can then be monetized as the content gets matched by the system.

The content we deliver to Rights Manager will also become available in the music libraries for stories, reels, and lip sync live. So users can add music to their stories and reels by searching for the title or artist in the libraries on FB or IG and adding it to their content. The uses will then be properly monetized as it is part of the music library.

While music can be used in some profile posts, the uses are more limited than in reels etc. It’s important to follow these rules for the use of copyrighted music in profile posts. If these rules are violated, your videos could get muted even if your profile is whitelisted.

  • Whitelisting your profile can allow content to be used on your socials properties without being matched/monetized. However you still have to conform to the music use guidelines listed above, which apply mostly to profile posts. For reels and stories, there is more freedom to use music via the library tracks. // To get your profiles whitelisted please fill out this form.

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