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New Music and Blockchain Based Streaming App, 'STREAMER' Launches

New Music and Blockchain Based Streaming App, ‘STREAMER’ Launches

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (CelebrityAccess) – Sydney-based fintech firm NFTMUSIC.STREAM just launched their new music streaming app, “STREAMER”, which incorporates Blockchain-based NFT (non-fungible tokens) distribution. In a blockchain ecosystem, fungible tokens are cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. NFTs are units of data representing a unique digital asset stored and verified on the blockchain.


This NFT integration will allow STREAMER to reach a unique music-loving demographic, with experts predicting uptake of over 30 million new users by December 2022. STREAMER has already partnered with the ETHEREUM Blockchain and launched on Uniswap in January of this year.

NFT Music Stream is for anyone who loves music, from artists and fans, to record labels and crypto investors. Users now have a single platform for streaming and downloading music products, receiving rewards for their activity, interacting with artists, and buying and selling NFT Music Stream tokens to become music investors. Music Artists will have the ability to ‘tokenize’ their music and receive real-time royalties and new revenue streams. They can now receive royalties in real-time and create new revenue streams. It is an exciting new economy based on tokens and NFTs.

Company spokesperson Marie Garcia said via media release, “Our vision is to establish the brand as the world’s leading global music NFT streaming platform, providing fair remuneration, distribution, and exposure for independent musicians.”

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