61 Arrested After Police Clash With Crowd At Summer Jam

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (CelebrityAccess) — 61 people were arrested and ten state troopers were left with minor injuries following a clash with a disorderly crowd outside of a concert at Metlife Stadium on June 7th.

According to a statement by the New Jersey State Police, the clash occurred at the Hot 97 Summer Jam after would-be concert goers without tickets tried to push past the security gates or climb fences. State Troopers assisted venue security in closing the gates to restore order, but when the reopened, the crowd again tried to force their way in.

Multiple people in the crowd outside the gate threw bottles and trash at police and security. Troopers used protective equipment including shields and helmets to avoid injuries from flying objects. Additional troopers were called in from nearby stations to assist. Noise generators, pepper spray, and tear gas were used to disperse people who refused to clear the area outside of the main gate.

Charges for those arrested ranged from soliciting without a permit and trespassing to possession of a weapon and assault. The majority of charges were for disorderly behavior.

“A small group of highly disruptive people ruined this concert for many others. They created a danger to ticket-holders, stadium employees, and troopers on the scene. Our troopers took the appropriate steps to restore order to what was a brief and volatile situation,” said Colonel Rick Fuentes, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police.

51 people were arrested at the Summer Jam concert in 2014. Chris Brown, Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar were on the lineup for the 2015 edition of Summer Jam. – Staff Writers