TRAVIS Pull Out Of V2002

TRAVIS have been forced to pull out of their headline slot at the V2002 FESTIVAL due to the injury recently suffered by drummer NEIL PRIMROSE. They will be replaced by THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS, who will move from the NME STAGE stage to the MAIN STAGE.

Fans had feared Travis would be unable to play in Chelmsford and Stafford after the group cancelled European dates following the injury to Primrose in a French swimming pool incident earlier this month (July 7). He struck his head and was knocked unconscious, fracturing vertebrae.

Following subsequent surgery to stabilize the fractured bones in his neck he returned to the UK for physiotherapy. A neurosurgeon's report prohibits Neil from drumming for a period of at least eight weeks to avoid aggravating the injury.

In a statement, Travis said: "Whilst we are hugely disappointed not be appearing at this year's V2002 festival, we feel that under the circumstances it would be wholly inappropriate to replace Neil while he continues to recover. After weeks of uncertainty, we are relieved to learn that Neil is expected to make a full recovery. We are sure Travis fans will agree that without Neil Primrose, Travis is incomplete."

Neil added, "I am feeling sad not to be able to play at this year's big show. I would like to send lots of love and thanks to everyone for their recent messages of good will. The good news is, hopefully a full recovery can be achieved over the next few months."