UPDATE: McManus Responds To Arrest

MELBOURNE, Victoria (CelebrityAccess) Embattled Australian promoter Andrew McManus says that he will clear his name in the wake of his arrest at a Melbourne airport on Thursday.

McManus's arrest came as a part of international sweep of individuals in Australia and the U.S. in connection to an alleged drug trafficking and money laundering operation. While McManus has not been charged with drug or money laundering offenses, he is facing charges of perverting the course of justice, two counts of intent to defraud by false or misleading statement, and knowingly participating in a criminal group.

In a statement released to CelebrityAccess, McManus said that he will "strenuously defend [against] the charges that have been brought against him."

The statement goes on to to state that:

Contrary to some media reports, the police have not alleged that Mr McManus has been involved in any drug syndicate, drug importation or money laundering.

Contrary to some media reports, Mr. McManus was never a party to any proceedings in the Supreme Court nor has the Supreme Court ruled against him in relation to this matter.

Contrary to some media reports, Mr. McManus has never been the subject of any extradition application nor is there any basis to suggest that he will be in the future.

Mr McManus has been cooperative with the police at all times in relation to this matter. He had previously agreed with the police that, should they wish to arrest and charge him, this would be done with notice and by appointment. – Staff Writers