Let's Increase the Volume
There are no limits to a marketing budget. Large budgets will have more resources allocated vs. smaller budgets, but all our campaigns are effective. During our planning we factor in your goals, budget, expectations and more.

The Discovery Phase is very important before starting a marketing initiative, so we start off with an introductory call to begin our journey. We want to learn everything about you and your business. This is your time to share your goals, target focuses, current problems, budget availability and if possible, even your past experiences with marketing companies.

Not all companies are created equal and neither are marketing strategies. Even if they were, your goals could differ from your competitors. Our team will create a digital road map and detailed plan of action based on our call together. Your marketing development plan will be custom tailored to your business and your goals. Every campaign we manage for our clients, small or large, are top priority for our team. All campaigns will receive same the attentiveness and every dollar you invest into marketing will be maximized to the fullest.


The Discovery Phase helps us understand more about your goals and the finer details of your business. This is to ensure your investment is funding a healthy campaign that is working towards your initiatives. If you have several goals and high expectations, then it’s important for our team to understand the details, even down to budget availability. Budgets and budget allocation can vary depending on the company, management and business model. Some companies have budgets allocated for each individual artist, some have a total budget allocated for all of their artists, and some budget in ways that we may not even be aware of yet. 

Let’s say we’re asked to promote a summer tour and inside of this tour will be several artists performing. One question we’d ask would be related to promotion budget. Are we allocating one total budget across all artists or are we working with several budgets allocated to specific artists? The answer we’re provided with would only be ONE factor to consider out of many. We would then be able to provide a professional recommendation and the information would help us develop a marketing strategy within your budget.

These are the questions we ask and steps we take for those who are serious about their business. If you are looking for a reliable marketing team and effective marketing solutions from proven methods, feel free to reach out today! We’d love to discuss your business with you too! 

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