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Eddie's Attic

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1Fri Sep 20, 2019Shook TwinsEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
2Tue Sep 24, 2019Will HogeEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
3Tue Sep 24, 2019Stephen KelloggEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
4Thu Sep 26, 2019Austin PlaineEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
5Sat Sep 28, 2019Sugaray RayfordEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
6Sat Sep 28, 2019Caroline HerringEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
7Sun Sep 29, 2019The Talbott BrothersEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
8Tue Oct 01, 2019The Way Down WanderersEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
9Wed Oct 02, 2019Lindsay LouEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
10Wed Oct 02, 2019Dead HorsesEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
11Wed Oct 02, 2019Jonah TolchinEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
12Thu Oct 03, 2019Dylan JakobsenEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
13Sat Oct 05, 2019Mo PitneyEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
14Sun Oct 06, 2019Amy SpeaceEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
15Sun Oct 06, 2019The Brother BrothersEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
16Tue Oct 08, 2019John PizzarelliEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
17Wed Oct 09, 2019Elizabeth MoenEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
18Thu Oct 10, 2019Michaela AnneEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
19Thu Oct 10, 2019Caroline AikenEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
20Sat Oct 12, 2019Ruthie FosterEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
21Sun Oct 13, 2019Leah CalvertEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
22Sun Oct 13, 2019Kate Lee & Forrest O'ConnorEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
23Tue Oct 15, 2019Oshima BrothersEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
24Wed Oct 16, 2019BombadilEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
25Fri Oct 18, 2019Matthew MayfieldEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
26Fri Oct 18, 2019Seth WalkerEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
27Sat Oct 19, 2019The Black LilliesEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
28Sat Oct 19, 2019Michelle MaloneEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
29Sun Oct 20, 2019Rob BairdEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
30Sun Oct 20, 2019American YoungEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
31Wed Oct 23, 2019Hollis BrownEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
32Thu Oct 24, 2019Linda Gail LewisEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
33Thu Oct 24, 2019Robbie FulksEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
34Fri Oct 25, 2019Kevin GriffinEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
35Fri Oct 25, 2019Town MountainEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
36Sat Oct 26, 2019Joan ShelleyEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
37Sun Oct 27, 2019Alasdair Fraser & Natalie HaasEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
38Fri Nov 08, 2019Jack KlattEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
39Tue Nov 26, 2019The Blind Boys of AlabamaEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
40Sun Dec 08, 2019David WilcoxEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
41Sun Jan 19, 2020Carrie NewcomerEddie's Attic200DecaturGA
42Sat Feb 01, 2020John McCutcheonEddie's Attic200DecaturGA

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