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Granada Theatre

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1Thu Dec 12, 2019Tim BakerTheatre Granada / Granada Theatre1,000Sherbrooke
2Sat Dec 14, 2019Phil VassarEmporia Granada Theatre800EmporiaKS
3Sun Jan 12, 2020Set it OffGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
4Sun Jan 12, 2020Sleeping With SirensGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
5Sun Jan 12, 2020BelmontGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
6Tue Jan 14, 2020Motionless In WhiteGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
7Tue Jan 21, 2020Juliana HatfieldGranada Theatre Foundation400The DallesOR
8Fri Jan 24, 2020Casey DonahewGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
9Tue Jan 28, 2020Black ViolinGranada Theatre1,553Santa BarbaraCA
10Thu Jan 30, 2020Aaron WatsonGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
11Fri Jan 31, 2020Randall KingGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
12Sat Feb 01, 2020YBN CordaeGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
13Wed Feb 05, 2020Beautiful – The Carole King MusicalGranada Theatre1,553Santa BarbaraCA
14Thu Feb 06, 2020Caroline SpenceGranada Theatre Foundation400The DallesOR
15Thu Feb 06, 2020Beautiful – The Carole King MusicalGranada Theatre1,553Santa BarbaraCA
16Fri Feb 07, 2020Postmodern Jukebox / ScottBradlee's Postmodern JukeboxGranada Theatre1,553Santa BarbaraCA
17Wed Feb 12, 2020G HerboGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
18Tue Feb 18, 2020MatomaGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
19Wed Feb 19, 2020Electric GuestGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
20Thu Feb 20, 2020RapsodyGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
21Sun Feb 23, 2020EchosmithGranada Theatre Foundation400The DallesOR
22Sun Feb 23, 2020WeathersGranada Theatre Foundation400The DallesOR
23Sun Feb 23, 2020Jayden BartelsGranada Theatre Foundation400The DallesOR
24Fri Feb 28, 2020DestroyerGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
25Thu Mar 05, 2020Cult Of LunaGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
26Thu Mar 19, 2020Lil MoseyGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
27Fri Mar 20, 2020The ContortionistGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
28Fri Mar 20, 2020HakenGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
29Fri Mar 20, 2020Devin TownsendGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
30Sat Mar 21, 2020City MorgueGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
31Mon Mar 23, 2020DeafheavenGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
32Mon Mar 23, 2020Inter ArmaGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
33Mon Mar 23, 2020Greet DeathGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
34Mon Mar 30, 2020Dan DeaconGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
35Sat Apr 04, 2020Matt AndersenTheatre Granada / Granada Theatre1,000Sherbrooke
36Wed Apr 08, 2020The Devil Wears PradaGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
37Wed Apr 08, 2020GideonGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
38Wed Apr 08, 2020We Came As RomansGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
39Wed Apr 08, 2020DayseekerGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
40Sun Apr 26, 2020Jimmy Eat WorldTheatre Granada / Granada Theatre1,000Sherbrooke
41Tue May 12, 2020Real EstateGranada Theatre Foundation400The DallesOR
42Tue May 19, 2020Riverdance 25Granada Theatre1,553Santa BarbaraCA
43Wed May 20, 2020Suicide SilenceGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
44Wed May 20, 2020ToothgrinderGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
45Wed May 20, 2020Riverdance 25Granada Theatre1,553Santa BarbaraCA
46Wed May 20, 2020JinjerGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
47Thu May 21, 2020Riverdance 25Granada Theatre1,553Santa BarbaraCA

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