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KettleHouse Amphitheater

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1Mon May 25, 2020Brandi CarlileKettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
2Fri Jun 05, 2020Jai WolfKettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
3Fri Jun 05, 2020Louis the ChildKettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
4Sun Jun 07, 2020Sheryl CrowKettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
5Wed Jun 10, 2020Stick FigureKettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
6Fri Jun 19, 2020SCI / The String Cheese IncidentKettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
7Sat Jun 20, 2020SCI / The String Cheese IncidentKettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
8Wed Jun 24, 2020Ben Harper & the Innocent CriminalsKettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
9Thu Jul 02, 2020311KettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
10Sat Jul 11, 2020Joe Russo's Almost Dead (Tribute to Grateful Dead)KettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
11Sun Jul 19, 2020CaampKettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
12Sun Jul 19, 2020Trampled By TurtlesKettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
13Tue Jul 21, 2020TrainKettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
14Thu Jul 23, 2020BattlesKettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
15Thu Jul 23, 2020WolfmotherKettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
16Thu Jul 23, 2020PrimusKettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
17Sat Jul 25, 2020The NationalKettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
18Tue Jul 28, 2020The DecemberistsKettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
19Tue Jul 28, 2020Fruit BatsKettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
20Thu Jul 30, 2020For King & Country / For King and CountryKettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
21Wed Aug 12, 2020TwiddleKettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
22Wed Aug 12, 2020Vampire WeekendKettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
23Wed Aug 26, 2020KeznamdiKettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
24Wed Aug 26, 2020Steel PulseKettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
25Wed Aug 26, 2020RebelutionKettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT
26Wed Aug 26, 2020The GreenKettleHouse Amphitheater4,000BonnerMT

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