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Never before have we been as connected as we are today. The lines between marketing and entertainment are no longer sharply defined – one for all, and all for one.
This is excellent news for entertainment professionals and agencies. Through the power of digital marketing and advertising, direct messages can spread to broad audiences looking to be surprised, engaged, and entertained. 
Incredible Industry Outreach!
We have vast connections with tens of thousands of website owners, influencers, news agencies/publishers and online media partners. We offer entertainment professionals the tools they need to navigate twenty-first-century digital marketing strategies and beyond, and at competitive monthly rates. 
We are prepared to connect you to the world that surrounds you and escort you toward the future of online influence, and the process is simple. All you have to do is be the brand you are and we’ll handle the rest…

This is very organized and on point. We are seeing results. You guys are on top of everything. Happy to be here!

– WENDY DAY | PowerMoves

“We’re happy to recommend DIGITTO to anyone you want to send our way!”

– BRIAN KNAFF | TBN Entertainment

“You Guys Rock! Thank you so much!”

– SHAWNA REED | Record Label Manager

CelebrityAccess partnered with DIGITTO Media to create an unstoppable marketing division to help artists and entertainment industry professionals across the globe! Together, we amplify brands and increase the volume!

We Create Marketing Campaigns And Long-Lasting Relationships!

At DIGITTO, you don’t pay to get ignored. No one likes lousy customer service, and we assign dedicated account managers to your project. Get instant access to marketing experts focused on your campaign. Our solutions include upfront strategies, planning and research. With us, you can forget about ridiculous setup fees and long-term contracts. Just tell us your goals and we’ll help you out! 

Our campaign rates are the same for everyone! It’s about creating the best strategy within your budget and strategizing how the resources will be allocated. The larger the campaign, the more resource’s we allocate to your campaign! As an ethical and goal-based marketing vendor, we create marketing campaigns around your goals, budget, expectations, and other details we collect during our discovery call. We then recommend campaign plan that are within your budget, and customize the campaign to reach your specific goals. 

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Marketing budgets are marketing plans in terms of costs; For planning & resource allocation.