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1Wed May 22, 2019Emma Ruth RundleMusic Hall of Williamsburg550BrooklynNY
2Wed May 22, 2019JOHNNYSWIMBrooklyn Steel1,800BrooklynNY
3Wed May 22, 2019MONOMusic Hall of Williamsburg550BrooklynNY
4Thu May 23, 2019Cub SportKnitting Factory - Brooklyn400BrooklynNY
5Fri May 24, 2019The Woolly BushmenHank's Saloon0BrooklynNY
6Fri May 24, 2019American FootballWarsaw1,000BrooklynNY
7Sat May 25, 2019Marvel YearsKnitting Factory - Brooklyn400BrooklynNY
8Sat May 25, 2019American FootballWarsaw1,000BrooklynNY
9Tue May 28, 2019Ben Katzman's DeGreaserKnitting Factory - Brooklyn400BrooklynNY
10Wed May 29, 2019Weyes BloodMusic Hall of Williamsburg550BrooklynNY
11Wed May 29, 2019StarcrawlerBrooklyn Steel1,800BrooklynNY
12Wed May 29, 2019bluishKnitting Factory - Brooklyn400BrooklynNY
13Thu May 30, 2019Snack CatKnitting Factory - Brooklyn400BrooklynNY
14Thu May 30, 2019Jack HarlowBaby's All Right280BrooklynNY
15Thu May 30, 2019Hippo CampusWarsaw1,000BrooklynNY
16Fri May 31, 2019L7Elsewhere/ Elsewhere - Hall0BrooklynNY
17Fri May 31, 2019Rolling Blackouts Coastal FeverWarsaw1,000BrooklynNY
18Fri May 31, 2019NonameBrooklyn Bowl800BrooklynNY
19Sat Jun 01, 2019Texas Hippie CoalitionKnitting Factory - Brooklyn400BrooklynNY
20Sat Jun 01, 2019The Everyday PeopleIndustry City0BrooklynNY
21Sat Jun 01, 2019The C. Gibbs ReviewUnion Hall150BrooklynNY
22Sat Jun 01, 2019ZhuSchimanski800BrooklynNY
23Sun Jun 02, 2019Ravyn LenaeBrooklyn Bowl800BrooklynNY
24Tue Jun 04, 2019GloryhammerKnitting Factory - Brooklyn400BrooklynNY
25Tue Jun 04, 2019Twenty One PilotsBarclays Center Brooklyn19,000BrooklynNY
26Tue Jun 04, 2019Natalie PalamidesThe Bell House700BrooklynNY
27Wed Jun 05, 2019Raja KumariKnitting Factory - Brooklyn400BrooklynNY
28Wed Jun 05, 2019The Marcus King BandBrooklyn Bowl800BrooklynNY
29Wed Jun 05, 2019Lion BabeIndustry City0BrooklynNY
30Wed Jun 05, 2019Natalie PalamidesThe Bell House700BrooklynNY
31Thu Jun 06, 2019JJUUJJUUKnitting Factory - Brooklyn400BrooklynNY
32Thu Jun 06, 2019Natalie PalamidesThe Bell House700BrooklynNY
33Thu Jun 06, 2019Local NativesBrooklyn Steel1,800BrooklynNY
34Thu Jun 06, 2019The Marcus King BandBrooklyn Bowl800BrooklynNY
35Fri Jun 07, 2019Lady WrayIndustry City0BrooklynNY
36Fri Jun 07, 2019Dead MeadowThe Bell House700BrooklynNY
37Fri Jun 07, 2019Coheed & CambriaFord Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk5,000BrooklynNY
38Fri Jun 07, 2019The Marcus King BandBrooklyn Bowl800BrooklynNY
39Fri Jun 07, 2019Local NativesBrooklyn Steel1,800BrooklynNY
40Fri Jun 07, 2019MastodonFord Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk5,000BrooklynNY
41Sat Jun 08, 2019RBRM: Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky & MikeKings Theatre3,000BrooklynNY
42Sat Jun 08, 2019Frankie CosmosIndustry City0BrooklynNY
43Sat Jun 08, 2019Shane Smith & The SaintsKnitting Factory - Brooklyn400BrooklynNY
44Sun Jun 09, 2019Beach HouseBrooklyn Steel1,800BrooklynNY
45Mon Jun 10, 2019Beach HouseBrooklyn Steel1,800BrooklynNY
46Tue Jun 11, 2019Will VarleyKnitting Factory - Brooklyn400BrooklynNY
47Tue Jun 11, 2019Natalie PalamidesThe Bell House700BrooklynNY
48Wed Jun 12, 2019Gaelic StormKnitting Factory - Brooklyn400BrooklynNY
49Wed Jun 12, 2019Natalie PalamidesThe Bell House700BrooklynNY
50Wed Jun 12, 2019The NationalProspect Park0BrooklynNY

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