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The Apple Letter

Posted by - April 19, 2021
The people on Spotify are much more active listeners. The debate has been about money when it should always be about reach, have  ...
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Live Nation Signs

Posted by - April 14, 2021
“We Stand For Democracy”: This cements Michael Rapino’s stature as the most powerful man in the music business. That’s right, for decades  ...
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Georgia State Flag

Where Are The Record Companies?

Posted by - April 13, 2021
“More than 100 corporate executives hold call to discuss halting donations and investments to fight controversial voting bills”: “Will Smith’s production pulls  ...
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Neil Young

Young Shakespeare

Posted by - April 6, 2021
“Don’t Let it Bring You Down” is my third favorite Neil Young song. For a long time, my favorite was “Down by the  ...
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