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    Bad Company

    Rock Steady

    Posted by - February 24, 2021
    Foo Fighters are nominated for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Bad Company are not. Yet Bad Company’s debut, never mind what followed, is better than any Foo…
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    Taylor Swift

    Love Story Redo

    Posted by - February 17, 2021
    Shamrock Holdings has nothing to worry about, their investment is safe. I had a long conversation with Steven Wilson, the famous remixer, known for his redos of everyone from King…
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    Morgan Wallen

    Op-Ed: Morgan Wallen

    Posted by - February 3, 2021
    Does this mean Trump really didn’t win the election? Wallen was too stupid to know that when you’re a celebrity all eyes are upon you. That’s the price you pay.…
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    The Kobalt Sale

    Posted by - February 1, 2021
    It only took Sony two decades to wake up. Kobalt was built to be sold. Haven’t we seen this same paradigm over the last two decades in the internet sphere?…
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    Posted by - January 28, 2021
    “The Harsh Reality About the Music Business, and a Pantomime Led By Clueless Self-Regarders”: Ingham is angry, and it has improved his usually dry writing. Tim is sick and…
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