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Morgan Wallen

Op-Ed: Morgan Wallen

Posted by - February 3, 2021
Does this mean Trump really didn’t win the election? Wallen was too stupid to know that when you’re a celebrity all eyes are  ...
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The Kobalt Sale

Posted by - February 1, 2021
It only took Sony two decades to wake up. Kobalt was built to be sold. Haven’t we seen this same paradigm over the  ...
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Posted by - January 28, 2021
“The Harsh Reality About the Music Business, and a Pantomime Led By Clueless Self-Regarders”: Ingham is angry, and it has improved his  ...
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Morgan Wallen

Quittin’ Time

Posted by - January 25, 2021
It’s track #30. I was listening to podcasts looking for answers, trying to understand what is going on in this nation of ours,  ...
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