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1Sat Jan 25, 2020Big Krizz KalikoGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
2Sat Jan 25, 2020Tech N9ne / Tech 9Granada Theatre750LawrenceKS
3Sun Jan 26, 2020Martha Redbone / Martha Redbone Roots Project / "Bone Hill"Lied Center2,000LawrenceKS
4Mon Jan 27, 2020Martha Redbone / Martha Redbone Roots Project / "Bone Hill"Lied Center2,000LawrenceKS
5Thu Jan 30, 2020Aaron WatsonGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
6Fri Jan 31, 2020Randall KingGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
7Fri Jan 31, 2020Squirrel Nut ZippersKansas State University0ManhattanKS
8Sat Feb 01, 2020An Evening with C.S. Lewis / An Evening with CS LewisCentury II Convention Center5,244WichitaKS
9Sat Feb 01, 2020YBN CordaeGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
10Sat Feb 01, 2020The AnniversaryThe Bottleneck450LawrenceKS
11Wed Feb 05, 2020Mike ZitoWave Wichita / Wave3,300WichitaKS
12Thu Feb 06, 2020SkilletThe Cotillion2,000WichitaKS
13Fri Feb 07, 2020Riley ClemmonsINTRUST Bank Arena15,000WichitaKS
14Fri Feb 07, 2020Austin FrenchINTRUST Bank Arena15,000WichitaKS
15Fri Feb 07, 2020Stoney LarueThe Hat0ManhattanKS
16Fri Feb 07, 2020Hillsong Young & Free / Hillsong Young and FreeINTRUST Bank Arena15,000WichitaKS
17Fri Feb 07, 2020REDINTRUST Bank Arena15,000WichitaKS
18Fri Feb 07, 2020ZaunteeINTRUST Bank Arena15,000WichitaKS
19Fri Feb 07, 2020Zane BlackINTRUST Bank Arena15,000WichitaKS
20Fri Feb 07, 2020Andy MineoINTRUST Bank Arena15,000WichitaKS
21Fri Feb 07, 2020Nascar AloeGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
22Fri Feb 07, 2020NewSongINTRUST Bank Arena15,000WichitaKS
23Fri Feb 07, 2020Winter Jam Tour SpectacularINTRUST Bank Arena15,000WichitaKS
24Fri Feb 07, 2020Ballenger (Christian)INTRUST Bank Arena15,000WichitaKS
25Fri Feb 07, 2020Crowder (David Crowder Band)INTRUST Bank Arena15,000WichitaKS
26Fri Feb 07, 2020Building 429INTRUST Bank Arena15,000WichitaKS
27Mon Feb 10, 2020Damien SneedCarlsen Center0Overland ParkKS
28Mon Feb 10, 2020G HerboThe Cotillion2,000WichitaKS
29Mon Feb 10, 2020Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Live!Orpheum Theatre Wichita / Wichita Orpheum Theatre / Orpheum Theatre1,410WichitaKS
30Wed Feb 12, 2020G HerboGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
31Thu Feb 13, 2020Spag HeddyGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
32Fri Feb 14, 2020IrationGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
33Fri Feb 14, 2020The Ries BrothersGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
34Fri Feb 14, 2020Iya TerraGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
35Fri Feb 14, 2020Ballyhoo!Granada Theatre750LawrenceKS
36Sat Feb 15, 2020Morgan WallenINTRUST Bank Arena15,000WichitaKS
37Sat Feb 15, 2020Jason AldeanINTRUST Bank Arena15,000WichitaKS
38Sat Feb 15, 2020Riley GreenINTRUST Bank Arena15,000WichitaKS
39Sat Feb 15, 2020Dee Jay Silver / DJ SilverINTRUST Bank Arena15,000WichitaKS
40Sat Feb 15, 2020Blunts & BlondesGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
41Sun Feb 16, 2020Breaking BenjaminINTRUST Bank Arena15,000WichitaKS
42Sun Feb 16, 2020PoppyLiberty Hall1,050LawrenceKS
43Sun Feb 16, 2020KoRnINTRUST Bank Arena15,000WichitaKS
44Tue Feb 18, 2020MatomaGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
45Wed Feb 19, 2020David Lee RothINTRUST Bank Arena15,000WichitaKS
46Wed Feb 19, 2020Young DolphThe Cotillion2,000WichitaKS
47Wed Feb 19, 2020Electric GuestGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
48Wed Feb 19, 2020KISSINTRUST Bank Arena15,000WichitaKS
49Thu Feb 20, 2020RapsodyGranada Theatre750LawrenceKS
50Sat Feb 22, 2020Black Tiger Sex Machine (BTSM)The Cotillion2,000WichitaKS

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