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1Fri Jun 28, 2019Randy HouserFourth Street Live! - 4th Street Live!0LouisvilleKY
2Sat Jun 29, 2019Trevor NoahThe Louisville Palace / Palace Theatre2,715LouisvilleKY
3Tue Jul 02, 2019Built To SpillHeadliners Music Hall800LouisvilleKY
4Sun Jul 07, 2019Patton OswaltThe Louisville Palace / Palace Theatre2,715LouisvilleKY
5Sun Jul 07, 2019Death Cab for CutieIroquois Amphitheater2,407LouisvilleKY
6Fri Jul 12, 2019The Band CaminoForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
7Fri Jul 12, 2019SnakehipsForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
8Fri Jul 12, 2019ChromeoForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
9Fri Jul 12, 2019Portugal. The Man / Portugal The ManForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
10Fri Jul 12, 2019WAAXForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
11Fri Jul 12, 2019Leikeli47Forecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
12Fri Jul 12, 2019The MidnightForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
13Fri Jul 12, 2019JungleForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
14Fri Jul 12, 2019Judah and the Lion / Judah & the LionForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
15Fri Jul 12, 2019The ArtisanalsForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
16Fri Jul 12, 2019Liz Cooper & The Stampede / Liz Cooper & The StampedeForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
17Fri Jul 12, 2019Hop AlongForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
18Fri Jul 12, 2019LuciusForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
19Fri Jul 12, 2019Highly SuspectForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
20Fri Jul 12, 2019The KillersForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
21Fri Jul 12, 2019Julia JacklinForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
22Sat Jul 13, 2019Chelsea CutlerForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
23Sat Jul 13, 2019Penny & Sparrow / Penny and SparrowForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
24Sat Jul 13, 2019Maggie RogersForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
25Sat Jul 13, 2019Moon TaxiForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
26Sat Jul 13, 2019CalpurniaForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
27Sat Jul 13, 2019CaampForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
28Sat Jul 13, 2019The MariasForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
29Sat Jul 13, 2019MidlandForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
30Sat Jul 13, 2019Big WildForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
31Sat Jul 13, 2019PJ MortonForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
32Sat Jul 13, 2019Israel Nash (Israel Nash Gripka)Forecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
33Sat Jul 13, 2019Playboi CartiForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
34Sat Jul 13, 2019Anderson .Paak / Anderson PaakForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
35Sat Jul 13, 2019LauvForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
36Sun Jul 14, 2019LettuceForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
37Sun Jul 14, 2019Andrew BirdForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
38Sun Jul 14, 2019JOHNNYSWIMForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
39Sun Jul 14, 2019Erin RaeForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
40Sun Jul 14, 2019Sunflower BeanForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
41Sun Jul 14, 2019Denzel CurryForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
42Sun Jul 14, 2019DawesForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
43Sun Jul 14, 2019CHVRCHESForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
44Sun Jul 14, 2019Tyler ChildersForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
45Sun Jul 14, 2019Ruen BrothersForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
46Sun Jul 14, 2019WhethanForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
47Sun Jul 14, 2019Anderson EastForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
48Sun Jul 14, 2019The Avett BrothersForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
49Sun Jul 14, 2019BoAForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY
50Sun Jul 14, 2019YungbludForecastle Festival0LouisvilleKY

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