Apple Fails In Attempt To Stop Ringtone "Pirates"

CUPERTINO, CA (Hypebot) — A game of cat and mouse is developing between Apple and some iPhone users. Apple has just released a software upgrade that prevents users from turning tracks they purchase into ringtones.

But as early as Saturday new work-arounds were being posted on the net, and third party apps like iToner had upgraded to again make ringtone creation easy. Apple's new concern with ringtone creation seems aimed a protecting a its own custom ringtone maker announced last week which requires track purchase from iTunes and a 99 cent fee.

Commentary: It seems short sighted that anyone in the music or download industry should waste so much energy restricting consumer use of purchased tracks. After all, isn't re-conversion from P2P grabber to buyer essential to the music industy's future?

Apple's moves will annoy only a small percentage of its customers, but it this is the same small tech savvy group that serves as trend setters and guides for their peers.