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The Checklist You Need to Use Before Booking a Keynote Speaker

The Checklist You Need to Use Before Booking a Keynote Speaker

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Research is fundamental before you choose a keynote speaker for your event. The success of the event will partly be determined by picking the right speaker who can meet your goals and needs.

We consider it is essential to start the research early to avoid booking the first speaker you can find because you are out of time.

The more time you dedicate yourself to this portion of the event planning, the higher chances you will find the right keynote speaker.

Here’s the checklist we recommend using before making the final decision.

1. Create the Initial List of Speakers

Having a potential list is the first step towards getting closer to finding the one for your event.

All of the speakers who make it to your list need to be in your price range, be available on the day on your event and be able to travel to your location or live in the area.

2. Read About Their Expertise

Will your event be focused on a particular topic? Then you want to make sure the speaker has the necessary expertise for it.

If you decide to research our site, then it is easy to find out the background for every speaker because each one has a description of their previous experience.

3. Watch Videos with the Speakers

Images may be worth a thousand words, but in the case of speakers, videos are the norm.

It is important to watch some of the speakers’ videos so you can get a feel for their energy and presence on stage.

From the videos, you will be able to tell if they can control the stage and if they can communicate and convey the message in a clear manner.

4. Read Reviews About the Speakers

It is important to read these because, even though you will see how the speakers act when they are in front of the audience, you cannot really tell what the audience is feeling and what they are thinking.

Reviews will reveal this aspect, and it can guide you towards choosing a particular person because they were able to make the audience feel in a certain way you want your guests to explore, as well.

Time to Book Your Keynote Speaker

All of these steps are necessary before booking the speaker for your event, and they are essential in the event planning process.

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