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Nettwerk's Terry McBride Opens Fire On Lilith Critics

VANCOUVER (CelebrityAccess MediaWire) —

An Open Letter to Critics,

I have been amazed at the feeding frenzy of negativity by the media and bloggers around Lilith Fair. Such attacks are normally seen in the theatre of partisan politics that have poisoned western society.

What drives the passion to write negative and speculative commentary on what is a socially positive and giving festival? Why this desire to hurt and demean the efforts of thousands of people whom simply want to give back and make our society a better place?

It’s amazing to me that I did not see one of these outspoken critics at the opening show. How can one accurately report on, or even understand what Lilith is, without experiencing it?

It would have been great to see the critics experiencing the passion from the people at Oxfam, Warchild, Reverb, Better World Books, Alter Eco, To-Go Ware and our amazing charity, Grameen America. Then seeing how the Sponsors such as J&J were adding so much fun and value to the experience of the Lilith Village. Funny enough, the main complaint in Calgary was long line-ups to get in. Well, the venue cut back on staff thinking no one would show up. I’m not sure where they got that idea? The critics in Calgary criticize Lilith for a situation they created, which is ironic to say the least.

Lilith goes well beyond being a Music Festival with success measured by ticket sales; it’s a social and community Festival. I have seen little to no media on the Local Woman’s charities and how the community selected them. What’s with that??? Just saying they get a dollar per ticket is not enough, get in there and dig into what these charities are doing to make your city a much better place to live.

Here is a letter we received today from the Calgary Charity, this is the story that the media are missing, but reading this reminds me of why I love what we do:

Hi Seth and Monica,
I just wanted to thank you for all of your support and assistance yesterday at Lilith Fair in Calgary. You helped us immensely! As the local charity chosen for the city, the Women`s Centre of Calgary was able to reach out to a new demographic which is wonderful exposure and outreach for us. We talked to hundreds and hundreds of concert goers and no doubt many of them learned about us for the first time because you gave us this opportunity. The money from Lilith will go to essential programs for women and help with basic needs. I look forward to receiving it. Thank you once again!
I wish Lilith success through all the cities across the continent.

Take care,
Carrie Blaug

Program Manager

Women’s Centre of Calgary

I have seen little to no media on I4C. Why is that? Do the media not want to support a concept that is ground breaking and could change the way we in the music business support our community?

There has been good media on the local talent search winners. I guess with over 7 million votes there is awareness of how exciting and special this is. Just talking to the artist that won in Calgary for me was so cool. Sierra Noble’s excitement and passion reminds me of what I love about music. Curious why no media has picked up the fact that Jennifer Nettles was a local talent winner in Atlanta 12 years ago and now is on the main-stage as the singer of Sugarland? This is mindboggling.

When you narrowly focus on Lilith’s ticket sales, you may see a cup half empty. Or, as Sarah succinctly put it in Calgary, it’s a cup half full, which is an amazing opportunity. If Lilith can help one person or 300,000 people, we will consider it a success.

On a closing note, yes Nashville was cancelled and contrary to media reports we issued a press release being very upfront about it just as we did with Phoenix. Our decisions were influenced by the extraordinary events in each city. I do not want to be competing against flood fundraisers in Nashville, nor could I stomach the chance that any fans could be arrested at our concert in Phoenix.

Yoga, yes yoga!! Everyone who reads Bob’s blogs seems to think that Yoga is all I do all day, which frankly is a bunch of BS and you know that, Bob. The great thing about my daily yoga practice is that I set an intention for my day. That intention, more times than not, is to reach out and do something nice for others. Think about that, try it and you will not only change the world around you, but you will change yourself. Music is my life and I love the power it has to make a positive difference in peoples lives, that is very yogic to me. -T

–by CelebrityAccess Staff Writers