MKTG Services And RadioVoodoo Enter Into A Strategic Alliance

MKTG Services, Inc, a leading relationship marketing company, has entered into a three year strategic alliance with RadioVoodoo, a producer of interactive radio programming systems.

PhoneRescue, developed by RadioVoodoo, enables radio stations to turn their listener lines into 24/7 automated voice and data collection systems. PhoneRescue manages incoming calls in a manner determined by each station, without requiring the station to install any hardware or software. Stations simply forward their listener lines to Radio Voodoo's systems after 6-7 rings, and the automated system voiced by their staff answers when they cannot. Caller requests, dedications, and all associated demographic data are available in real time at a secure web site, accessible only by approved stations personnel. As a result, radio stations can strengthen their relationship with their core audience, using the valuable information collected with the RadioVoodoo programming system.

Under the terms of the agreement, RadioVoodoo, through its relationships with radio stations, will collect information and deliver certain data and demographics to MKTG. MKTG will then develop and market the RadioVoodoo database, combining it with MKTG's proprietary database to create an unparalleled catalog of music listeners and their preferences. Individual campaigns can be executed on behalf of the radio station or third parties, including record labels and advertisers.

Jeremy Barbera, Chairman and CEO of MKTG Services, commented, "RadioVoodoo has the unique ability to cost effectively assist radio stations in managing their most important asset, their listeners. With their technology, they can answer calls, take requests, test music, as well as gather useful opt-in information, including e-mail addresses. Our goal is to leverage their data on behalf of the stations and approved third-party advertisers, such as record labels and concert promoters. Radio stations in particular have the ability to greatly improve their relationship with their listeners. They have direct access to their audience and the ability to communicate upcoming events, concerts, artist information and a range of other useful information."

J. Scott Hamilton, CEO and President of RadioVoodoo, commented, "MKTG's strong relationship marketing experience, particularly within the music industry, will be a vital element to the value-add we offer radio stations. Our system takes the guesswork out of knowing what a radio station's audience thinks, and it lets stations enhance their relationship with their audience beyond simply broadcasting music. We expect MKTG's vast array of marketing services to be extremely popular with our client stations."