Olympics By The Numbers

Olympics By The Numbers

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PEYONGCHANG, KOREA (CelebrityAccess) Prior to the Winter Olympic Games in Korea, credit score and report company WalletHub ran a graphic chock-full of statistics and figures. Below are a few of them, along with the graphic:

* Regarding security, the Olympics paid an estimated $18.4 million for x-ray screening and $1.2 million on cybersecurity.

* There were an estimated 5,000 members of the South Korean military guarding the Games, and 13,000 police mobilized for the Olympics.

* 30,000 people were considered security threats and banned from entering the country. There were 200 members fof the U.S. security team helping to protect the Games.

* An estimated 7,200 ads were expected to air during the coverage, 31 percent more than 2014.

* Projected ad revenue from the Games is $900 million.


Source: WalletHub

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