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Bad Boy Bronfman: Too-Big Bonus And A Baby

NEW YORK (Hypebot) – Last week the already rich Edgar Bronfman Jr. was named to the Wall Street Journal's shortlist of CEO's that received excessive bonuses despite their companies loosing big money last year. Bronfman took a $3 million bonus on top of his $1 million pay for leading the Warner Music Group to a $35 million loss last year.

Now comes word that Edgar is Grandaddy of the illegitimate child that singer M.I.A gave birth to hours after her Grammy's performance. Ben Brewer, Bronfman's son from his first marriage, is the father of M.I.A's new baby named (I kid you not) Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman. Hollywood gossip site TMZ even has the birth certificate to prove it.

It's interesting that M.I.A. preferred to forgo daddy Brewer's last name and put Bronfman on the birth certificate. Perhaps it's to strengthen the child's future claim to the Bronfman family zillions…which bring us back to the question of why Edgar took the excessive bonus in the first place.

I remember now. It's all about the music