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ISPs Prove Smarter Than Labels & RIAA

WASHINGTON, DC (Hypebot) –
A few months ago, The RIAA announced that it was going to stop suing individuals and start working with the ISP's to warn and then shut off those engaged in illegal file sharing. In recent days, AT&T, COX and several other ISP providers have gone public with their TIAA backed efforts and then just as quickly clarified them.

As predicted months ago, ISP's will support that RIAA with warning letters, But except for perhaps the token takedowns that Cox is promisng, the ISP's have stated consistently that they are not in the business of denying customers service. "We are treating this as a customer education and deterrence program,” said an AT&T spokesman.

The ISPs know that upsetting customers is not good for business. They also seem to understand that the negative press generated by a disgruntled few can magnify. Now if only the major labels and the RIAA could learn those same lessons. After 4 years of tumbling sales, you think they'd get the hint.