D.I.Y. Music Licensing

LAKE ELSINORE, CA (Hypebot) – Music licensing can provide a valuable additional income stream and promotional opportunity for musicians at all levels. But not every artist can attract the attention of a professional licensing company and others aren't interested in paying the up to 50% commission that many charge.

To offer an alternative, LicenseQuote has created a flat fee music licensing e-commerce platform that enables artists, labels and publishers to license their music from their own sites while keeping 100% of revenue.

Of course, just having a licensing storefront does not guarantee that music supervisors and film makers are going to discover or license the music offered.  So any LicenseQuote store should be accompanied by a promo campaign aimed at film, TV and advertising agencies.  But given that many licensing services represent music on a non-exclusive basis, LicenseQuote appears worthy of consideration.

Video Demo