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Prince Royce

Prince Royce Reveals He Had Coronavirus

Prince Royce (Shutterstock)
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MIAMI, FL (CelebrityAccess) — Bachata singer Prince Royce revealed that he’s recovering from COVID-19 and urges his fans to take the virus seriously.

Royce revealed his encounter with the virus in an interview with the Associated Press, stating that he woke up two weeks ago with a severe headache and not feeling well after spending a day the pool.

At first, he thought it was just the sun and air conditioning but the following day, the headache continued and he developed a fever.

“I said, ‘I’m gonna go get tested for COVID just to be responsible, but I don’t think I have it.’ And that’s how I found out,” Royce told the Associated Press.

Royce added that he was shocked by the diagnosis and thought he had been taking precautions.

“I thought I was washing my hands,’’ the singer told the Associated Press “I thought I was wearing the mask, you know. And I think that for me it was just a wake-up call, like I’ve been seeing this on TV every day, I’m on WhatsApp groups with my family, I’ve been sending them stuff. I thought for sure like I wouldn’t have gotten it cause I’ve been ‘taking precautions.’”

While he is unsure of how he contracted the malady, he said that after months of quarantine in Florida, he had spent some time in public places.

“I was home this whole time, and I went out to some restaurants because things opened, and I thought, ‘Well, Florida hasn’t been so bad, and New York is the one with the problem.’ I fell for that and I think many people can fall for that and will fall for that,” he said.

He went on to explain why he’s sharing the story of his health scare, and hopes it will convince people to distance and wear masks.

“And that’s what made me think, I need to come out and tell my story. Because it’s upsetting me. It’s so frustrating to me to see people at supermarkets without a mask. It’s so frustrating to me to see that people are being irresponsible and not protecting others.”

“Just because you’re young doesn’t mean that you’re not gonna get it,” Royce added. ”I’m hoping that my story can educate the youth, the people that are trying to go out this weekend because of the holiday, the people that are going out to bars because things are open.”

Royce says that he’s largely recovered from his brush with COVID-19 but still feels a little unsteady after workouts.

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