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Fat Mike Introduces The 'Camp Punk In Drublic' Festival / Drinking Competition

Fat Mike Introduces The ‘Camp Punk In Drublic’ Festival / Drinking Competition

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THORNVILLE, OHIO (CelebrityAccess) Fat Mike, he of NOFX fame and a damned-near grandfather figure of the Vans Warped Tour, has announced the three-day Camp Punk In Drublic, a music and, apparently, drunken festival to take place in Thornville, Ohio, June 1-3.

Billed as the nation’s only punk rock campout, the festival will feature acts like NOFX, Rancid, Pennywise, the Mighty Mighty Boxxtones and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, among others. There will be plenty of craft beer, too, and stuff like “Late Night Campfire Stories,” “Fatty’s Midnight Matinee,” “The Dodgeball Arena,” “THE UnFAIR,” and “Eat At Joe’s Diner Food.”

“The thing about camping is that really nothing can go wrong, because everything is already wrong,” Fat Mike said. “Punk rockers don’t really know how to camp. They know how to wear hoodies, drink, and lean on each other. The good thing is that we got a lot of generators and an unlimited supply of kegs (some are even full of beer). Hey Coachella and Bonnaroo and Burning Man…Watch what happens at CAMP Punk In Drublic. I can almost guarantee that our festival is gonna be way lamer and stupider than yours…That’s the point!…Well, I think that’s the point. Wait, punk rock doesn’t have a point?

“Let me be clear: A rabbi, a priest and a few thousand punk rockers go camping in Ohio…Sorry, no punchline. But there will be 17 great bands, 2 mediocre bands, and 5,000 kegs of beer. What could possibly go wrong?”

Tickets go on sale March 30 at 10 a.m. At

The press release is just too precious not to share. Below is a cut-and-paste job describing some of the activities:

“Campers, get ready to check out the But Wait, There’s More festival attractions and march your lazy asses across the festival to Way The F*ck Over There for even more debauchery.

Way The F*ck Over There is home to:

• “The Brews”: What most of you are here for… A massive craft beer sampling area offering tastings from local and national breweries with more than 200 craft beers to choose from (must have Tasting Pass and be at least 21).

• Campfire Stories from the Road: featuring some of the most horrific and hilarious tales from the likes of NOFX, Jello Biafra, Keith Morris, and a sh*t ton more. Campfire venue opens at 11:45 PM to after 1:00 AM on Friday and Saturday nights. The crowd will get to ask Fat Mike why he prefers dresses over jeans and such. Think a punk rock version of Inside The Actors Studio around a campfire in the beautiful hills of Ohio ‘til the wee hours of the morning.

• Flea’s Market: Full of stuff you probably don’t need but know you will want.

• THE UnFAIR is where the freaks are unleashed. Come play games of chance to win a teddy bear that will probably end up in a box in your garage, or watch a guy pierce his eyeball. THE UnFAIR boasts our spin on our summer camp favorites like Dunk the Punk tank, Postcards From The Edge where you can send postcards back home, and big ass lawn games.

• The Dodgeball Arena that will host Fans Against the Bands dodgeball games and tug o’ war…don’t forget your sweatbands for these epic battles, as well as other games (including a massive tug o’ war against your friends if you have any).

• Plus Eat at Joe’s, a late night food hall with artery clogging gut bombs, where the only thing organic and gluten free is the sh*tty paper plate you eat it on.

• Craft Beer Summer School: Enjoy craft beer seminars and talks from top brewers and industry experts at the BEER EDU stage.

At the top of the festival grounds is:

• Fatty’s Midnite Matinee: Which lights up after hours, and is where you can go to chill the F out. Pull up a thrift shop sofa or a blanket and watch punk rock movie favorites until the wee hours on a giant movie screen. Our cheap asses even added surround sound.”

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