Roberta Flack
Roberta Flack (Jeri Jones Photography)

Roberta Flack Recovering From COVID

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(CelebrityAccess) — Recording artist Roberta Flack revealed that she is on the mend after a bout of COVID-19 and attributes her recovery to being fully vaccinated.

“I tested in early January and was told, ‘COVID-19 Positive.’ However, the vaccines and booster worked and protected me from severe illness or hospitalization. Instead, I was ill with fatigue, fever, and slight congestion. I stayed home to rest and recover. Today I feel much better. I am at home and isolating until I retest and receive a negative test this week,” Flack revealed on Wednesday.

She went on to note that she’s fully vaccinated and boosted and believes that the precautionary measures had a positive impact on her health outcomes.

“I can testify: vaccines and boosters work. If you are not vaccinated, please do so. They likely saved my life,” she added.

A legend of the jazz world, known for her distinctive ‘quiet storm’ style and impressive range, Flack released a special 50th anniversary version of her seminal Her Chapter Two and Quiet Fire Albums last year.

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