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Leaked Memo Shows U.S. Gov't Supports 3 Strikes

WASHINGTON, DC (Hypebot) –

In recent weeks, privacy advocates and others have been encouraging the U.S. government to make public its secret "Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement", but so far the Obama administration has refused on "national security" grounds. But a leaked EU document outlines many of ACTA's goals including implementation of a global three strikes law for online offenders.

According to analyst Michael Geist:

"…The U.S. is seeking to push laws that extend beyond the WIPO Internet treaties and beyond current European Union law…The document contains detailed comments on the U.S. proposal, confirming the U.S. desire to promote a three-strikes and you're out policy, a Global DMCA, harmonized contributory copyright infringement rules, and the establishment of an international notice-and-takedown policy."