Naomi Judd Gets Two Honorary Degrees

(CelebrityAccess MediaWire) —
Naomi Judd was honored May 7 with two honorary doctorate degrees from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, during graduation ceremonies. Judd was honored with Doctor of Performing Arts and Doctor of Nursing degrees.

“Naomi was an unlikely candidate for stardom,” said Brent Richardson, GCU’s CEO. “A single mother on welfare and without health insurance in her twenties, Naomi made the choice to overcome the obstacles that life and her own choices had set in her path.”

Judd earned an RN degree. In 1991, she was diagnosed with Hepatitis C forcing her to retire early and is now completely cured of the Hepatitis.

“Naomi’s unwavering optimism…helped Naomi win back her life,” said Michael Clifford GCU’s vice chairman. “She then set out to help others. She learned all she could about women’s health concerns, and she sings the benefits of harmony between mind, body and spirit. She advocates health care reform on behalf of the 44 million Americans with no medical coverage, and she often speaks out on domestic violence issues. She’s written books aimed at restoring family and finding inner strength, and she has a new book due out soon.”

“Grand Canyon University is honored to recognize her achievements as both an entertainer and a health care professional through the Doctor of Performing Arts and Doctor of Nursing degrees,” Richardson said.

–Jane Cohen and Bob Grossweiner