Thom Yorke Pushes Back Against Calls For Israeli Boycott

LONDON (CelebrityAccess) — Radiohead's Thom Yorke continued to push back against calls for the band to pull out of an upcoming concert in Israel.

The band has been the subject of criticism over the controversial concert, most recently by British filmmaker Ken Loach, who, in an op-ed for The Independent called on Radiohead to cancel the show in solidary with the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement.

If you haven't been keeping up with geopolitics, proponents of the BDS movement call for a complete cultural ban of Israel over human rights concerns in the occupation of Palestine.

"I and others are still willing to meet Yorke and his colleagues, together with Palestinian artists," Loach said in the op-ed. "Radiohead are important to a lot of people around the world, not just because they are accomplished and very distinguished musicians, but also because they are perceived to be a progressive political band. None of us want to see them make the mistake of appearing to endorse or cover up Israeli oppression. If they go to Tel Aviv, they may never live it down."

Following the op-ed, Yorke took to Twitter to air his views on the topic, writing, "Playing a country isn't' the same as endorsing its government. We've played Israel for over 20 years through a succession of governments, some more liberal than others. As we have in America."

"We don't endorse [Israeli Prime Minister] Netanyahu any more than Trump, but we still play America," Yorke added. "Music, art, and academia is about crossing borders not building them, about open minds not closed ones, about shared humanity, dialogue and freedom of expression. I hope that makes it clear Ken."