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In The City Forum Shapes Up

NEW YORK (CelebrityAccess MediaWire) — A two-day event on June 13th & 14th, open to the public, bringing high level music industry debate and the most exciting new bands in the modern world back to that narrow strip of land between the Hudson and the East River.

Curated by Tony Wilson and Yvette Livesey, In The City in conjunction with AEG Live – and with several nods to the great traditions of the New Music Seminar which ruled in the 80s and early 90s – In The City of New York is two days of talking about music, thinking about music and just enjoying music.

In The City offers industry innovators and leaders of all stature an opportunity to group together and passionately discuss the state of our industry today and where it’s heading tomorrow.

Back in the 90’s in Manchester, Wilson and various panels famously discussed and took note toward the inevitability and power of downloading music. Tony urged people to recognize such a revolution and willed people to embrace it. (Click here to watch Tony tell it in his own words ) However, across the pond someone was already doing such a thing and that was the omnipresent Apple & iTunes. Need we say more? This is exactly why it is crucial for us, the music industry to acknowledge that the business is having a serious mid life crisis right now and we need to take note if we want to remain in the business we love.

In an age of digital download, online blogging, Myspace, Youtube, DIY labels and distribution, corporate sponsors and major label downsizing – where are we all heading and how can we keep this ship afloat?

What separates the ITC panels from any other is the key fact that people actually go out of their way to attend them. In true Tony Wilson style, these discussions are informative yet funny, entertaining and equally startling. Come be inspired and educated about the current state of the music biz from some of the biggest players in the industry.

Hail the masses that actually care, who dare to confront where we’re going wrong and devise a plan for where we should head, to learn from each other; how the booking agent works with the artist, who’s manager has to deal with the label who employs the publicists who inspires the writers who reaches the fans and so forth. The vehicle is ever evolving and it’s our job to keep up or get the hell out!

This is what In The City New York is about. Come take part, be part and do your part in this industry.

By night, at the Nokia Theatre and Highline Ballroom, ITCofNY will host six of the UK’s hottest new bands including Happy Mondays, Biffy Clyro, The Rakes, Enter Shikari, The Pigeon Detectives and Blood Red Shoes. Followed by exciting after-show events throughout downtown Manhattan.

Like In The City, the daytime side of the event will center on major industry figures/legends in conversation with skilled interviewers – with Fred Davis, Marc Geiger, Tom Silverman, Ted Cohen, Ralph Simon and the inimitable Bob Lefsetz and again, like In The City it will cover the most cutting-edge topics affecting the industry we call home.

DRM: The end is nigh or is it?
Jobs and Niccoli say it’s over; it’s what Ged Doherty said at In The City in Manchester last October. Didn’t go down well. He got in trouble for his honesty and his pains; whose pain will DRM be if it continues?

Scott Cohen – The Orchard
Rob Wetstone – eMusic VP Label Relations
David Card – Jupiter Research
Alex Rofman – SNOCAP – VP Corporate and Business Development
William E. Pence – Senior VP and Chief Technology Officer Napster

Hey, man, New York Freeway’s blocked, man: Festivals in the 3rd Millennium Glastonbury sold out in minutes, Coachella getting full of Brits, who says the music business is in trouble?
Ed Bicknell – William Morris Agency
Frank Riley – High Road Touring
Rob Hallett – AEG
Gerry Gerrard – Chaotica
Marty Diamond – Little Big Man
Brandon Schmidt – B23 Management

The Howl Seminar “I have seen the best minds of my generation” – Debate the future of this wonderful business It’s chaos out there for the record companies; they don’t know whether they’re coming or going. Most of them think they’re going. To offer some signposts to the future, ITCofNY invites some of its favorite clever people. Correction,very clever people. You don’t need a weatherman but you do need to listen to these folks.
Ralph Simon
Marc Geiger
Tom Silverman
Ted Cohen
Andy Gershon

Bring me your poor and huddled masses – and we’ll make stars of them and ship them back. From Hendrix to the Killers: why/how do US bands get their first exposure in the UK? Is it that the UK is we’re more open? Is it because your radio is shit? Let’s all hear it for Chas Chandler; how come it took a Geordie bass player to launch the creator of the electric guitar?
Martin Heath – Lizard King Records
Jonathan Shalit – Shalit Global
Asif Ahmed – Shmanagement
Lesley Bleakley – Beggars Group
Mark Reiter – Q Prime
Matt Safer – The Rapture, Throne Of Blood
Gabriel Andruzzi – The Rapture, Throne Of Blood
Steve Ferguson – Little Big Man

DIY "There’s a brand new dance but I don’t know its name" – Not signing to a major and DIY
Paul Adams – Magus Entertainment
Mark Kates – Fenway Recordings
Noah Dinkin – UFO Music
Mike McCormack – Universal
Ian Johnson – Enter Shikari
Nick Stern – Clap Your Hands
Kevin Arnold – IODA

A Brand New Approach to Music
A music industry in crisis still looks attractive to anyone trying to sell anything to young people…make that sell anything to anyone. Here in the UK they’re selling Marks and Spencer’s clothes with Itchycoo Park. “What did you do there? I got high.” Yeah. Maybe we don’t sell music anymore, we sell other people’s products.
Andy Varley – MD: Insanity Artists Agency Ltd
Adam Bauer – CEO: Big Sky Media
Barry Lederman – Managing Partner: BEAT Global
Matt Mazzeo – Creative Artists Agency
Usher Winslet – CEO Whitecap Group
Kris Chen – Senior VP A&R XL Recordings

SYNC Panel
Sanne Hagelsten – Zync Music NY
Marisa Porter – Zync Music LA
Jayson Atienza, – Senior Art Director/Writer, BBDO Agency
Carlos Arias – Editor, Final Cut
Robert Kaplan, – Director of Music Production, McGarry Bowen Agency
Stephanie Diaz-Matos – Founder of The Search Party
Lyle Owerko – Director, Reebok, Bhrama Beer, Casio, Sundance Promos

Ralph Simon
Jim Griffin – CEO One House
Bob Ezrin – New Media/Producer Live Nation
Adam Sexton – Groovemobile

A Case Study of Big Champagne
Joe Fleisher – CEO Big Champagne
Eric Garland – CEO Big Champagne

The New Media: All online news/and Blogging
Is print passé? Have we foregone the trusty bibles of music for the intra-web formats, do we now depend on bloggers, mp3s, internet tv/radio, and e-zines for all of our music needs? How is this affecting advertising and bands as editorial goes up in real time, and publications spread to internet radio, TV and more!?
Dev Sherlock – Porcupine Media
Josh Glazer – Editor, URB
Lynnel Herrera – Artist Relations/Communications Director, Flavorpill
Piotr Orlov – Editorial Director, URGE/MTV
Elliot Aronow – Blogger, Simple Mission
Adam Shore – General Manager, VICE Records

"The Making of…" BPI Special

The ITC Hypothetical
In The City’s most in-demand ticket as a group of industry insiders are taken through a hypothetical situation, which demands cunning, and in some cases even moral fiber.

Celebrity Interviews
Ed Bicknell IV Peter Mensch
Ed Bicknell IV Marc Geiger
Richard Gottehrer IV Fred Davis

There are a limited number of delegate passes, which will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information and to purchase delegate credentials go to: Credentials and for concert tickets: Concert tickets