NFL's Eagles To Play Wembley; Onsale Apparently Crashes
Wembley Stadium ((Ungry Young Man) / CC BY 2.0)

NFL’s Eagles To Play Wembley; Onsale Apparently Crashes

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LONDON (CelebrityAccess) A Ticketmaster onsale today for the Philadelphia Eagles’ first regular season game overseas was pronounced an “absolute shambles” as the Ticketmaster UK site apparently had connectivity problems.

The Super Bowl-champs are expected to play at Wembley Stadium in London Oct. 28 but the TM purchase process was apparently not smooth. One warning on the website said, “Wow! Loads of p;people have turned up today. Don’t refresh this page as you may lose your place in the queue,” according to McCall magazine, while another warning indicated “connection problems” minutes after the onsale.

The UK Twitter feed for the NFL indicated that by 6 a.m. EST there were only single tickets available while others were getting a message that the stadium was sold out, according to McCall.

“Even those who managed to navigate the digital landmines were met with another problem once they actually hit the ‘purchase’ button: credit card companies failing to authorize an international purchase,” the magazine said.

It is common, however for popular events to be over well before most of the public has a chance to get into the game.

The Eagles have played overseas before, from 1978 to 1993, but only in pre-season games. The four games occurred in Mexico City, London’s old Wembley Stadium and in Tokyo.

A pair of tickets for the London game are are already going on for more than $6,300, McCall noted.


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