Live Earth Book Coming Out

NEW YORK (AP) — A companion book to this summer's "Live Earth" concerts will come out June 26, printed, of course, on environmentally responsible paper.

"The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook: 77 Essential Skills to Stop Climate Change — or Live Through It," is a 160-page paperback release with an announced first printing of 200,000. It was written by David De Rothschild, founder of Sculpt the Future, a non-profit environmental foundation, and includes a foreword by actor-director Rob Reiner.

"This innovative and practical handbook supports the crucial mission and message of the Live Earth concerts and aims to inspire each of us to play a role, to do our share, in confronting and attempting to solve the climate crisis," Steven Pleshette Murphy, president and CEO of publisher Rodale Books, said in a statement Wednesday.

Proceeds from the $14.95 book will be given to the Alliance for Climate Protection, founded by former Vice President Al Gore, a co-chair of the July 7 "Live Earth" shows that will feature Madonna, the Police and many others performing in venues around the world.

"Live Earth will help us reach a tipping point that's needed to move corporations and governments to take decisive action to solve the climate crisis," Gore said in a statement issued by Rodale, which published Gore's companion book to his Academy Award-winning documentary on global warming, "An Inconvenient Truth."

According to Rodale, the Live Earth book will use "vegetable-based inks printed on Revive 100 Offset, a 100% post-consumer waste paper stock with Forest Stewardship Council certification.

"The cover of this book is laminated with a water-based, biodegradable coating."