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EVI Joins, Versatile Records & Impacto Latino Media To Form New Network

WASHINGTON DC (CelebrityAccess MediaWire) — EVI Global Network (EVI) combines, Versatile Records and Impacto Latino Media Group to emerge forming a new global network specializing in the multi-cultural market

February 28th, 2007 — EVI is a full service firm with online radio stations, video networks, television programming and mobile systems marketing on an e-commerce platform. Founders – Chairmen/CEO’s Mr. Carl Ferrell, p.k.a. Versatile, and Mr. Percy Tamayo have structured their brand to become a corporation that creates an extension for companies to target and reach the multi-cultural market with EVI Global Networks many company campaigns.

"EVI Global Network is a culture sponge connecting companies to consumers faster and more cost effective than traditional ad agencies and media buying companies. Several factors make this possible, including our full integration structure, leading edge experience, power expertise and the ever growing multicultural media market" Mr. Ferrell says.

"Our ability to help clients achieve their goals with uncommon speed and efficiency stems from our knowledge of multicultural marketing paradigms. We come from the perspective that to grow and succeed in today's ultra-cluttered business environment, you must execute and plan an excellent strategy, leveraging and synchronizing every communications opportunity" Mr. Tamayo says.

The partners in this collaboration are: (erb)

A multi-genre online media company reporting the latest in entertainment, news and music 24/7. ERB is currently online in 15 cities with 7 sub-pages per city for its multi-cultural demographic providing 105 online radio stations and 105 video networks along with other special programming and features therefore keeping the public under one umbrella longer. We are the internet media e-commerce company with a Walmart concept. also introduces its web design company ERB WebDevelopment – An Interactive media design company which is an extension ERB’s specialty website advertising division. This division of our firm will assists in keeping EVI’s marketing talents in total control of our client’s projects for a more in-house service and product guarantee.

ERB WebDevelopment offers a great variety of skilled designers, programmers and the marketing knowledge to meet the needs of any business. ERB WebDevelopment specializes in website design and development using the latest software and technology. has built a customer base with the related information of interest for the multi-genre's appreciative community. will offer a host of programming from entertainment, tv networks, music videos, special events functions and music distribution.

Also, ERB has an additional method for creating another tool for exposure for unsigned artists and businesses to introduce their products and services. Currently, ERB is hosting a contest which is showcased online with the New Artist Spotlight Competition. Genres affiliated with this competition promotion are Hip-Hop, Rap, Jazz, R&B, Latin, Pop, Country and Rock. promotion inspires unsigned artists to compete in their genre on ERB America's Original Show to win a record deal and music video. "America's Original" is one of the new shows designed by ERB and will be broadcast through EVI Global Networks. To find out about this show and our other television programming for this year please visit eviglobalnetwork

Versatile Records

A major multi-cultural indie label corporately structured for the new era of music developing ourselves as a global marketing engine with its branding of advertising that will further change the way artists are recruited and marketed while distribution of its music channels are created with faster profits and less expenses. As quoted, from Versatile, President & CEO…

"Our commitment of bringing a new level of energy, excitement, versatility and level of anticipation to the world of music and entertainment will stimulate and capture the attention of music lovers regardless of age, race, and gender. We are determined to bring to our audience a new wave of artists that not only exhibit their artistic genius but also will redefine and re-ignite "fires" for those who consider themselves as fine music connoisseurs and aficionados."

Impacto Latino Media Group (ILMG)

ILMG provides high quality services for both buying and selling media through our large network of advertising with various formats (Television, Radio, Print, online advertising) for the multi-cultural market. Helping business to achieve their goals of profitability, targeting consumers with national and local media solutions. Our team of sales and marketing expertise is targeted to maximize results.

This is why Impacto Latino Media Group focuses on providing clients with powerful, fully integrated marketing solutions to meet their goals.

Multicultural platform: including Hispanic and Asian Television Networks, Hispanic and Asian Radio, Hispanic and Asian Print, Online Advertising – Search Engines Solutions and E-Commerce Multimedia Networks

Some of what we do is Advertising, Publishing, Trade Sales & Marketing, Talent Management, Direct Marketing, Media Placement/Analysis, Multimedia Production, E-Commerce Platform, Database Management, Internet Marketing, Public Relations, Consulting (Brand Awareness), Promotions & Grass Roots Marketing, Multicultural Media Platform (TV, Radio, Print , Online advertising, E-Commerce), Web systems Solution, Search engine management, Lead Generation, Distribution and sale of TV programming (Hispanic, Asian), Video pre-production to post production services and TV productions. In additional, look forward to additional programming, for example Kinetic Living Sports, Drive TV and EVI Mobile Media.

EVI Mobile Media an itinerant marketing platform enabling to reach millions in real-time Integrating mobile ads as an instant element of interactivity to your marketing. The database information gathered will create a powerful group of qualified consumers of which can be personalized, targeted with timely and relevant marketing messages. A mobile call to action allows the consumer/business person to act on impulse with no need to make a call.

Today’s world of technology has all ready reached a staggering number of mobile phone subscribers. This number will swell to the years to come. Also, the entertainment music business by 2011 global mobile music consumption is expected to reach nearly $13 billion. Ring tones, ringback tones, video, wallpapers and full track downloads have become a ubiquitous manner of self expression and personalized entertainment. EVI mobile marketing content platform can provide you with the toolset to offer immediate worldwide access to your unique brand of content.

As quoted from Mr. Tamayo…"As you can envision, EVI Global Network will soon become one of the largest multi-cultural mergers to date. We offer a huge array of services to please the creative, conscious and smart consumers of today that want to embrace not only their culture but all cultures while being educated and prospering at the same time."

For more information, contact:
Robin Wardlaw, Operations Manager
202-409-4059 or email

EVI Global Network
Percy Tamayo – Chairman & CEO
Carl Ferrell (p.k.a. "Versatile") – Chairman & CEO
1239 Avenue Of The Americas, 7th Floor, Rockafeller Center
New York, NY, 10020, Tel 646-756-2651 Fax: 646-756-2999

– CelebrityAccess Staff Writers