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The Hottest New Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Event

The Hottest New Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Event

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Founded by Michael Cerbelli to give business owners a unique place to search for high-profile talents to book for events, Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List™ is the first place you should look when searching for Hottest New Entertainment ideas. Cerbelli’s annual event gathers performers from around the world and places them in a 90-minute production all for your enjoyment. Look no further than Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List™ when planning for your next big event!

Hottest New Entertainment Ideas from Michael Cerbelli

BaristArt (Michael Breach)

If you are going for more of an Instagram-able entertainment, Michael Breach is the person to book. After all, taking a regular latte and transforming it into a piece of artwork is no simple task. Yep, you read that right. Latte art is all the rage on the internet, making Michael Breach one of the most famous Instagram stars out there. With his artwork ranging from pizza to princesses, Michael Breach can do it all. Or rather, create it all.

Harrison Greenbaum

Here’s a riddle. Stand-up comedy, Harvard University, and New York. What do they all have in common? The answer is one man, Harrison Greenbaum. A wildly gifted young man, Greenbaum performs an average of 600 shows a year all over the world. High energy, clean comedy, and one memorable night of laughs, Harrison Greenbaum is the answer to any corporation looking for an espresso energy comedy routine with a unique twist.

Rick Smith Jr.

Want a throwback to the good old days of magic? Then magician Rick Smith Jr. is the way to go. “A magician? Really? For my next event?” Those are all questions you are probably asking right now. The answer is simply, yes. Why not? What better way to fascinate guests than with magic? And we are not talking about pulling a rabbit out of a hat kind of magic here; we are talking about Rick Smith Jr. magic. What is that, you ask? Card throwing, levitating, and even the old fashion cutting someone in half. Don’t worry though that will not be you. With over twenty years of experience, Rick Smith Jr. knows how to keep an audience captivated, entertained, and interested.


A talented live-action painter, Bukaty paints his art in bright colors and seeming magical swirls. His style is specific to himself and his artistic view, taking on a more modern, American feel for artwork. He comes, paints to music, and in the end, the art piece belongs to you. He is the perfect addition to any performance. A token of brilliance, his goal is to inspire others, Bukaty’s talent is unique to himself, just as your event is to you. For high energy, high inspiration event, Bukaty is the artist to book.

Johnny Manuel

Okay, so magic, art, and comedy just isn’t your thing. We get it. However, what about music? Not just any music or DJing though, but singing. So you think it sounds trivial? Think again, because Johnny Manuel is talented. Like the golden buzzer on Americas Got Talent talented. With a voice that can range from covering Whitney Houston to singing his written songs, he can perform anything. No matter the event, Johnny Manuel is a must addition.

Christian Faur

Edging away from the traditional medium of painting, Christian Faur approaches art a different way…through crayons. You read that right, crayons. He takes a wooden board and strategically places crayons in various spots to create a masterpiece, even going as far as to hide secret messages in them. His pieces are jaw-dropping and modern. With crayons creating a more pixilated image, his artwork exhibits high energy from just colors. If you are looking for a more thought-provoking and equally impressive manner to entertain guests, exhibiting his work is sure to please!

Deadly Games

Every bit as breathtakingly dangerous as it sounds, Alfredo and Anna – better known as Deadly Games- excites audiences from start to finish. How may you ask? Knife throwing. If you want high energy entertainment that will keep audiences on the edge of their seat then look no further than Deadly Games.  Not only is this one of the Hottest New Entertainment ideas, it is an incredibly daring, sexy, and thrilling performance.

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