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3 Technology Experts Who Explain How Tech Can Help Your Company

3 Technology Experts Who Explain How Tech Can Help Your Company

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As we speak, tech is becoming more encompassing by the minute, and it is no news it informs our day-to-day decisions more than we are aware of.

So it is no surprise companies strive to update their staff’s knowledge of the industry or overall tech advances. One of the most convenient manners of achieving this is by inviting technology experts to speak at company events.

Usually, these speakers are highly specialized in an industry, but they have expertise in public speaking, as well. They manage to summarize complicated insights and help members of an audience grasp technical notions/aspects they would not be able to comprehend otherwise.

Luckily, there are great tech experts out there, ready to come to your aid and get your team up to date with technical lingo they need to grow. Here, you will read about 3 of them.

The Technology Experts You Should Call Right Now

Crystal Washington

You do not have to be a social media specialist to be concerned about what goes on in the social network world since it can impact the outcome of an online business.

Attending Crystal Washington’s talks will make it clearer for guests why, how and how much they should invest in social media strategies for their companies.

Crystal has built a reputation out of delivering insightful keynotes on Web topics to companies like Google or Microsoft (which have a significant social media following).

She was also featured on NBC, ABC, CBS or media outlets across the world and she is one of those technology experts who can advance insights which boost a company’s sales figures (or other revenue-generating metrics). Plus, her social media acumen will help you discern the trends in networking platforms, and your business should strategize further to get more and more targeted users.

Ian Khan

AI, Blockchain, IoT, mobility, VR…the list of hot topics in the tech industry seems to be never-ending. Moreover, the terms listed above seem to have completely taken over the headlines.

If your guests work for companies related to (or which depend on) tech in the list above, they will need the help of technology experts to be fully aware of the direction the trends are taking, and from here, to comprehend how they should approach innovation.

This will not be a problem if you opt for Ian Khan as the keynote speaker at the tech event you are organizing.

As a technology futurist and a Forbes contributor, Ian has helped over 5,000 companies of all sizes improve their growth. Mainly, his talks made those companies make better-informed decisions about the next steps which are worth being taken to secure business continuity.

Terry Brock

Terry Brock is someone who’ll be able to gather all these notions (social media, technology, marketing) and make sense of them at a global level.

The goal is for attendees to use this global vision as a platform for overall business growth.

With Terry Brock at your event, guests will leave with more clarity – no longer will tech trends be a blur for them. On the contrary, they will be able to use them as a starting point for development.


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