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ARTIST SNAPSHOT: Slightly Stoopid

NASHVILLE (Suburban Roads Magazine) — The members of reggae/punk fusion band Slightly Stoopid took some time out of their busy summer touring schedule to answer a few questions posed by Cathy Wagner and Nathan Zucker of Suburban Roads Magazine.

Cathy: We’ll start this off with a fun one. You know how they made you do name

poem things in elementary school, where each letter of your name is a different

descriptive word? Describe Slightly Stoopid in a name poem. If you’re feeling

lazy/uninspired, just “Stoopid” works too.


Nathan: Don Carlos and Karl Denson are playing some of the Seedless Summer tour

dates this year. How did you get to know these guys and what’s it like playing

with musical legends?
R: It’s a dream and a reality for us to jam with true professionals. We are

stoked to have them on board with us. We grew up listening to them and it’s

humbling for them to want to jam with us and be on tour together.

N: What cities &/or venues are you most looking forward to playing in on this

tour? Other than your hometown, that is. That one’s a given.
R: The home town shows are enjoyable, but often hectic due to the hundreds of

family and friends that call us for last minute spots on the guest list… haha.

But seriously, there are tons of places that we are looking forward to. I was

born in San Francisco and raised in San Rafael, so to play at the Greek Theater

is huge for me. I went to shows there through high school and to be playing

there as a headlining act is great. Red Rocks in Colorado is another one; some

really influential groups have played there, and it’s nice to be added to that

list. We have friends all over the country these days, so most places we play

here in the US we have some people to hang with.

C: If you had to choose one, do you prefer touring or recording more? Why?
R: Touring. Touring has always been the livelihood and preferred musical

delivery for us. You can’t fake it onstage. It’s true and expressive, and we

thrive off of the energy transfer between us and the crowd.

N: Your last album came out in 2008. What are your plans for recording in the

future? What can fans expect from a new release?
R: We released four albums in a row… ‘05 was “Closer To The Sun,” ‘06 “Live in

SD” double disc, ‘07 “Chronchitis,” ‘08 “Slightly Not Stoned Enough To Eat

Breakfast Yet Stoopid.” So, we decided to take our time on this one. We built

our own studio in San Diego, and several of the guys have had kids. For this

album, we felt it would be better to develop and write and record, re-write and

develop, etc. We have had one producer, and he has helped us shape a consistent

sounding record. The new record is gonna be niiice.

N: What have been some of the benefits and disadvantages of having your own

R: The most important benefit has been creative control. We decide what music

gets put out and when. We decide which songs get chosen and why. I’d say there

are no disadvantages. At this time, many major record labels are disappearing.

With the uprising of internet file sharing via limewire, napster, and instantly

available itunes, has changed the way in which fans experience music. As owners

of Stoopid Records we choose acts we like, and acts that make good music and


C: Slightly Stoopid has been a band for over 15 years and, in that time, come

out with 8 albums. Having accomplished so much in your musical career thus far,

what are some of your future goals as a band?
R: We are just going to keep doing what we have been doing, because it has

worked. We tour about 6 months a year, and have created a solid following.

We’ve modeled ourselves after bands that have longevity.

N: I’ve heard that it’s easier to become successful if you stick to one genre.

However, Slightly Stoopid seems to be doing quite well with a mix of reggae,

blues, punk, and acoustic. Do you believe this ‘sticking to one genre’ thing is

true? Why or why not? And why do you think you have been able to make it with

all these different genres?
R: I think that is a more dated way of thinking. These days, kids have instant

and easy access to different styles of music coming from so many fronts. It’s

common for younger kids to like Metallica, RHCP, Kanye West, Justin Timberlake,

and Alicia Keys. Obviously, a broad difference in styles… from metal to funk to

hiphop to pop to soul etc. I think when people were buying whole albums it made

sense to create a ‘type’ of music to categorize the album, but these days much

has changed. If the music is good, people will like it…

C: Hypothetical question time: you are stuck on a deserted island and have the

opportunity to bring 3 things with you. What would those 3 things be?
R: A stereo, a fishing pole, drum sticks…

C: Thanks for taking the time to do this! Do you have any closing statements?

R: Yeah, come see us on this tour!!! – By Cathy Wagner & Nathan Zucker

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