Camera Obscura Cancels Tour While Keyboardist Battles Cancer

GLASGOW, Scotland (CelebrityAccess) — Scottish indie pop band Camera Obscura announced that they are canceling their planned tour of western North America in October while their keyboard player undergoes treatment for cancer.

In a post on the band's website, they announced the cancellation of all work projects while keyboardist Carey Lander undergoes treatment for Osteosarcoma, an aggressive form of bone cancer.

Lead singer-songwriter Tracyanne Campbell wrote in a post on the band's website: “We’re really sad to disappoint our fans but I’m sure everyone will understand that Carey’s health needs to come first at this time. We hope we can come back one day and play for you.”

Lander has set up a JustGiving page soliciting donations for cancer charity Sarcoma UK.

"In 2011 I was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in my leg. It's an aggressive form of bone cancer that's treated with a very harsh regime of chemotherapy and surgery or possible amputation of the affected limb. Particularly horribly, it's a cancer that most commonly occurs in children and because of its rarity, receives scarce attention or funding and there has been very little in the way of new treatments developed in the last 30 years. It's probably too late to help me, but it would be great if we could find something in the future that means children don't have to undergo such awful treatment and have a better chance of survival," Lander wrote on her justgiving page. – Staff Writers