Former NASCAR Driver's Concert Attack Lawsuit Goes Federal

ASHEVILLE, NC (CelebrityAccess) — A lawsuit filed by former NASCAR driver Mike Wallace and his family filed over injuries sustained in am attack after a Rascal Flatts concert at PNC Pavilion is headed to federal court.

The attack, which occurred in June 2016, saw three men allegedly launch an unprovoked attack against Wallace and his daughter in PNC Pavilion's VIP lot following the concert.

Wallace, 57, suffered a broken tooth, lacerations to his mouth, but later requested that criminal charges against the defendants be dismissed.

The lawsuit was filed May 30 in North Carolina Superior Court, was moved to the federal docket in late June, ESPN reported.

Wallace is suing Pavilion Partners, which owns PNC Pavilion, and promoter Live Nation, claiming that they failed to provide adequate security at the VIP parking lot, failed to intervene during the assault.

Also included as a defendant in the lawsuit is concessionaire Legends Hospitality, who the suit alleges provided alcohol in an unsafe fashion and "served copious amounts of additional alcoholic beverages to the alleged attackers and their party during the concert."

Wallace and his family are suing for gross negligence. They seek actual and punitive damages.