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More For Tunecore

BROOKLYN, NY (Hypebot) –
Starting June 20th, flat rate digital distributor TuneCore will deliver a single track into any 11 digital stores of the customer's choice for a flat rate of $9.99. Current stores include: iTunes US, iTunes Canada, iTunes Japan, iTunes Australia/New Zealand, iTunes UK/Europe, AmazonMP3, eMusic, Napster, Rhapsody, LaLa, and Groupie Tunes. Shockhound and Aimee Street will be added in the near future.

I've written previously about downward pricing pressures on all digital distributors, but Tunecore is leading the way and indie musicians and labels are the winners. As always with Tunecore, the artist keeps all their rights and receives…

100% of the revenue from the sale of their music via a non-exclusive agreement that they can cancel at any time.


Technology has made it easier and quicker to record music then ever before. More and more artists are creating music more quickly and are looking to get their singles out as soon as possible. TuneCore has adapted to these changes, creating a user friendly artist-centered paradigm.

To get started, artists, musicians and rights-holders go to, create a free account, then simply click "add single" and enter their band/artist name, the name of the single, upload the song, upload the artwork, pay $9.99 and in six hours TuneCore will deliver it to all the stores you choose. Not long afterwards, your single will be available for your fans to buy. has changed the 100-year-old rules and model of the music business. It is a low, flat fee service that delivers anyone's music to iTunes, eMusic, Amazonmp3 and many other major download sites while taking no rights and no revenue from the sale of the music. Artists are building careers, selling significant volumes of music and generating revenue while keeping their rights utilizing the new model created by TuneCore. TuneCore has delivered the music of Keith Richards, Bjork, Jay-Z, Public Enemy and thousands of others to the digital download stores.