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Soundtracks In Need

LONDON (CelebrityAccess MediaWire) — With a new year comes new TV programs, and that means new soundtracks.

Simon Cowell's new Saturday night music show, 66 UK feature films, and 170 new TV shows will all be searching for emotive and exciting soundtracks.

Through December and January, Advance Production News, an UK-based industry guide, is looking for composers, archive music, and guests.

December Editorial

December, month of getting fat, complaining, of Only Fools and Horses topping every bloody TV poll; of old Christmas dramas that were made in the days when people had vision, character and looser bras.  It’s also the time of year when the rule of “sticking to two series series locks in the comedy gold” is booted out of the way to trot out a Christmas special – usually involving Caroline Ahearne who appears to be taking on Santa by only being seen on Xmas day.  I abbreviate to Xmas because I have little patience with any of it – least of all good will.

Kids Behind Bars kicks off this month’s raft of factual, which is just as well because they ruin Christmas. Unsolved helps people with too much time on their hands find the culprit with a team of investigators and a lie detector.  There are documentaries about unruly dogs, villages that need demolishing but can be saved by celebrities with a tin of paint, others in which creepy people dig up corpses and pretend they’re doing the world a service, even Christianity is examined in-depth.

Tis the season to be jolly and by jolly I mean laughing at things you’d ordinarily pour scorn over.  Though try as I might, I would rather tear out my tongue than smile during New Tricks.

Sixty nine feature films in this issue – including overseas coming to shoot here. Let’s hope they all take heed of David Cameron’s insight and only make films that big-audiences want to watch, you know the successful ones, presumably he told publishers to only bring out blockbusters too.

So what have we got?  Rees Ifans playing a shambolic man – tick, women who pick up hitch-hikers, disappear inside snowmen and die screaming in horror – tick, Juliet Stevenson playing another oddball housewife – tick. Oh they are all in here, David Cameron would be proud; features about call centres, university students, one in 3D about teenagers, Glen Close dressing up as a man, a film about middle-aged couples meeting up again. It’s a bloody white-knuckle ride through the world of British film.  Ok, in fairness, I’ve skipped the excellent sounding ones to round up the crap but there are sixty nine so if you want the work get your highlighter out and flick through the pages.

They are all there waiting.

Lots of new production companies again this month, (and not kids or drunk people that call themselves production companies) so make yourselves known. They are all financed and gearing up to thrill the world.

It’s a very strong issue this month actually with some impressive dramas, docs and new formats. Even if you don’t action them during the lead up to the big X, you should line them up to call in January because January is going to be one crazy month for productions taking off. I know; I am putting together the January issue now.  With this issue and January’s, you are going to have your work cut out/become rich.

Ok so quick round up of the facts for those of you who have read all of the above irritably. 17 new comedies, 11 new documentaries, 11 new dramas, 18 new factual, 5 new food series, 10 new game shows, 5 geese a laying, 3 new lifestyle series, 3 one-off light entertainments, 5 music programmes, a couple of religiouses, a science fiction, two science series, 2 new sitcoms (that’s low for a change), 3 sports series, 2 French hens, a new travel series and lots, lots more.

So now it just leaves me a few lines to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year but I won’t because who takes notice of that in print? It’s hardly ladled full of sincerity is it? So, you know, next year and all that.

Alan Williams – Editor