Star Trek Actress Nichelle Nichols Suffers A Stroke

LOS ANGELES (CelebrityAccess) — Actress Nichelle Nichols, who played Lt. Nyota Uhura in both the original Star Trek television series, as well as a number of feature films, is recovering after suffering a stroke on Wednesday.

Nichol's manager Zachery McGinnis told the Associated Press that the stroke was mild and that the 82-year-old Nichols began therapy on Friday.

"She is awake, eating, in good spirits and able to have full conversations," McGinnis said.

Nichol's stint on "Star Trek" helped to break down some of the walls that African-American actors faced at the time, with Nichols portraying a woman who was a peer and a colleague of white characters on the show.

"Oh, man, there were parts of the South that wouldn't show 'Star Trek' because this was an African American woman in a powerful position, and she wasn't a maid or tap dancer," Nichols told the Huffington Post in a 2012 interview.

As well, "Star Trek" featured the first interracial kiss on network television.

Other roles for Nichols since her "Star Trek" days include 2012's "The Bitter Earth" and 2002's "Snow Dogs." – Staff Writers